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Port operations

Port operators depend on accurate data for optimizing short and long term operations.

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Fusing AIS data and EDI with ClearMetal

Learn more about how ClearMetal is using our data to create a machine learning product consuming 2 billion AIS messages.

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Relevant blog posts on Port operations

Aerial view of oil tanker ship sailing through port
Port Events: Smart AIS Data for port and vessel optimization

As the maritime industry continues to embrace digitization, the power and payoffs of leveraging data are being realized in increasingly impactful ways, from port operations, insurance underwriting, and supply chain monitoring to reducing carbon emissions.

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Bulk carrier ship in river port - dry cargo grain elevator
Using AIS data to understand the destination of Ukrainian grain exports

Using AIS data, we looked into the reported destinations of ships leaving Ukraine under the Black Sea Grain Initiative and monitored them to get a sense of what is happening on the ground.

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Aerial view of the port of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The Port of Santos: Central to Brazil’s Economy and History

Nestled between one of the Americas largest cities, São Paulo, and the Atlantic Ocean, the Port of Santos is a sprawling port that continues to grow. It is the second busiest container port in Latin America after Panama’s Port of Colón and acts as the beating heart of Brazil’s economy.

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Container ship in dock
Access current congestion levels for the world’s top ports with Spire’s Port Congestion Index

Having an accurate picture of a ship’s voyage is essential and the start and end of such a voyage happen in ports. When you don’t have dependable congestion data exactly when you need it, precious time and money are at risk, and the ability to make informed decisions can be impaired.

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crew worker on tanker ship wearing safety helmet hard hat
Recognizing the many individual voyages that enable world trade

Held annually to recognize the people who work the high seas and keep the world’s economy moving, the Day of the Seafarer was recognized this past June 25th. It is an international event designed to highlight the critical role these maritime workers play in the modern world and the challenges they face, some of which have been around since the Age of Sail.

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Aerial view of maritime container ship at sea
Maritime AIS: Why data quality matters

For virtually any commercial business or organization (governmental or non-governmental) in the modern world, the collection of quality data is of elemental importance.

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Sunset in Busan city with building, bridge and harbor, Korea, Asia
Port of Busan: A tech-powered port for a tech forward nation

Like the nation for which it serves as the major port, the Port of Busan has grown dramatically since the end of World War II. After serving as a modest harbor for centuries, it was expanded in the late 1800s to serve as a trade hub with China and Japan, and grew rapidly in the 1960s as South Korea became an export powerhouse. Today, the port is the world’s seventh busiest.

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COVID Continues to Throw Curveballs for China’s Ports

As has become clear, the endpoint of COVID-19—if it ever comes—won’t be as plainly defined as when it took off in the first quarter of 2020. Here we are now, two years later, and though things seem currently under control in the United States and Europe (though the Omicron subvariant BA.2 may be changing that), the impact of the pandemic is still coursing around the world.

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