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Port operations

Port operators depend on accurate data for optimizing short and long term operations.

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Fusing AIS data and EDI with ClearMetal

Learn more about how ClearMetal is using our data to create a machine learning product consuming 2 billion AIS messages.

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Night view of the port of hamburg with the elbphilharmonie building, Germany.
Port of Hamburg: An old port thriving in today’s world

The Germans know what they have in the port of Hamburg. Known in its native land as Das Tor zur Welt­—The Gateway to the World—it is just that, the nation’s primary transit point for goods.

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Port of Jeddah lighthouse, Saudi Arabia
How Jeddah Islamic Port is growing into its future

The port of Jeddah, which for centuries was a primary access point for people making the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, is the second-largest port in the Arab world and the region’s industrial transportation gateway.

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Container ship aerial view of industrial crane loading cargo in freight port, Dubai
What Makes the Port of Jebel Ali a Wonder

In less than five decades, the Port of Jebel Ali has grown into one of the world’s ten busiest ports. It is vital to the infrastructure and economy of the entire Gulf region and the center of the United Arab Emirates’ economy.

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Container terminal in the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium at sunset
Port of Zeebrugge: The Merging of History and Innovation

Now an established part of West Flanders’ long heritage of trade and commerce, the modern Port of Zeebrugge is a key transport hub for not only Belgium but all of northern Europe. It is a diverse transportation axis that incorporates the latest port operations technology and serves everyone who depends on the global supply chain.

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A Canadian Coast Guard vessel from Fisheries and Oceans
The Canadian Coast Guard: Celebrating 60 Years of Service While Navigating a Bright Future

From coast to coast, sailors and boaters have had someone to rely on in times of confusion or danger.

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Shipyards on the Neva River in St. Petersburg
The Port of St. Petersburg and Its Impact on Global Trade

Russia’s second largest city, Saint Petersburg, is among the most crucial locations for shipping and logistics on the planet. It serves as the maritime capital of Russia, being the biggest industrial and transportation center in the nation.

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Large ship entering the port of Cleveland
The Port of Cleveland: Unexpectedly Vital in Pandemic Times

During times of unprecedented uncertainty around ports dealing with extensive backlogs, Ohio port operations have become essential to the global supply chain, servicing businesses across a wide variety of industries.

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Port of Long Beach
Did Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen just save the holidays?

Flexport CEO really caught the attention of Twitter followers last week. What did he find when he visited the Port of Long Beach?

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