Fusing AIS data and EDI with ClearMetal

Learn more about how ClearMetal is using our data to create a machine learning product consuming 2 billion AIS messages.


How Clearmetal is drastically improving supply chain visibility by fusing AIS with EDI.

Questions and answers

Do you capture weather data that supply chain firms can utilize?

We collect a unique weather dataset using RO from GPS satellites, which can be used to create global weather models. You will see from our demo, we are taking this data and using it to impact our ETA and have interest from maritime organizations to apply this to their own use-cases like routing for instance.

How easy was AIS data to work with when building a machine learning solution?

Like with any datasource it is important to cross-reference and verify the veracity of the data. But there were no major issues, this was one of the cleaner datasets we worked with.

Does Spire Maritime have it’s own polygon database?

Yes, we have these datasets available, we can also create models and scripts and share those with you. Contact us to discuss this

How does Spire Maritime identify a vessel?

We listen for the MMSI message from the radio transponder on the vessel, and once decoded it gives us enough information to identify the vessel. Find out more on AIS.

How is Spire Maritime’s pricing structured?

Our pricing is structured like a standard 3 tiered approach based on the expected volume, coverage, etc. We also have a number of on-demand add-ons that can be added to our packages like historical data, specific regions, polygons, etc. See more on pricing.

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