Port Events: Smart AIS Data for port and vessel optimization

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Maritime use cases:

As the maritime industry continues to embrace digitization, the power and payoffs of leveraging data are being realized in increasingly impactful ways, from port operations, insurance underwriting, and supply chain monitoring to reducing carbon emissions.

Here at Spire Maritime, as the most trusted data source, we’ve created a comprehensive, derived smart data offering using our raw data: Port Events. Port Events incorporates all three sources of AIS data available (including Satellite AIS, Terrestrial AIS and Enhanced Vessel AIS™), for world class quality and coverage.

As we built our innovative Port Congestion Index, we determined that providing the data as an API, directly to our customers, provides opportunities for them to grow their businesses: Feeding data into their own models means more flexibility and options to customize the data for their own transformative products and services.

Spire Global - Port Events tool

Port Events API

With the Port Events API you can monitor live and historical vessel arrival and departure times in ports, anchorages, terminals and canals.

The Port Events API empowers users to:

  • Calculate port congestion based on vessel time in port locations and voyage information; allowing adjustment in travel plans to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions
  • Monitor the draught after a vessel leaves a terminal area, providing insights into global trade flows
  • Track specific movements and stops (“events”) in and out of anchorage, port, terminal areas; additionally, the Port Events API tracks canal events, as vessels move through the grand canals
  • Predict vessel and trade patterns by feeding Port Events data into your ML models

The Port Events API adds an extra level of granularity to your vessel tracking, taking your operations and user applications to the next level.

Why Port Events?

  • Save time and reduce costs by having Spire Maritime analyze raw AIS data for you and turn it into port events.
  • Query port events by location, ship type, individual vessel, arrival and departure dates for a granular view of global trade flows.

Reliable, specific data is the foundation for achieving the most precise capture and projection of vessel movements and deliveries. Using Spire Maritime’s API, the maritime industry can build prediction tools for a sometimes unpredictable world.

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