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Logistics and supply chain

AIS data allows for monitoring the global supply chain

Learning of a delay or break in the supply chain too late can cost thousands or even millions of dollars. Spire AIS vessel tracking data provides insight into delays en route to help minimize the impact of a break while also helping to better manage ETAs for more efficient use of resources at port.

An accurate picture of the ship’s voyage and potential alternative routes are critical to avoid the day-to-day cost implications of a significant break.

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Using satellite AIS Data to track maritime supply chain

How Gravity Supply Chain uses AIS to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility for greater management control.

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Combining innumerable data points to tell an essential story

In the “Combining AIS Data With Vessel Characteristics Data” webinar, our subject-matter experts explain the wide range of insights made accessible using the wealth of information gleaned from not only vessel-tracking AIS but other granular data that is now available.

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