Insurance, MRO & leasing

Global aircraft insights for superior risk management solutions and informed decision-making

Gain asset management insights to power predictive maintenance capabilities and asset risk exposure tools with critical live and historical operational data on aircraft utilization and performance.

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Your strategic partner for managing risks and enhancing your asset safety

Most versatile source of aviation data

Access Spire’s space-based data combined with multiple terrestrial data sources offering the most comprehensive picture of aircraft operations worldwide.

Track aircraft anywhere and at any moment in time

Increase your situational awareness by accessing real‑time aircraft positions in regions of interest with airspace over-flight data.

Unique integration of weather forecasts

One single source of aviation and weather data for the most complete picture of aircraft exposure on the market.

Best in class support including:

  • Continuous support – technical and customer support, including onboarding and developer documentation
  • Accessible through modern APIs designed by developers, for developers or in light weighted, ready-to-use CSV format
  • Easy integration with support from dedicated Spire engineers

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Actionable intelligence specific to individual aircraft operations

How does aircraft tracking data enhance risk management?

Real-time or historical aviation tracking data is leveraged by solutions providers and analysts to gain valuable understanding of aircraft operations and asset exposure to improve situational awareness, underwriting assets, compliance reporting, minimize risks, and maximize revenue potential.

reliable icon Insurance

Better understand and quantify risk allowing you to underwrite policies more accurately.

Assess the risk profile of operators with in-depth information on flight paths, schedules, flight status data, hours and cycles.

Customize insurance policies and adjust policy premiums based on comprehensive data on actual usage, flight profiles, operational regions and accident frequency.

Datasets and analytical solutions:

  • Post-event analysis
  • Real-time and historical accidents data
  • Airspace over-flight insights
  • Fleet analysis
  • Flight events tracking
  • Aircraft location data
  • Flight hours and cycles
  • Aircraft types by operator
  • Passenger vs cargo flight data
  • Aircraft traffic volume
  • Airport infrastructure

travel icon Leasing

Optimize your leasing strategies and maximize returns on each aviation asset.

Track the location and utilization of leased aircraft in real time, ensuring compliance with operational geographies and usage limits.

Ensure adherence to prescribed maintenance schedules by monitoring 24/7 flight data.

Enhance your decision making on aircraft redelivery and subsequent leases by analysing usage history of aircraft.

Intervene timely when lease terms are violated.

Datasets and analytical solutions:

  • Over-flight insights
  • Aircraft utilization
  • Aircraft types by operators
  • Flight schedules
  • Real-time and historical aircraft locations
  • Route network change
  • Passenger & cargo traffic growth
  • Emissions monitoring

fast easy icon MRO

Easily predict maintenance needs, reduce downtime and extend aircraft life.

Effectively plan and schedule maintenance with accurate real-time data on aircraft operations.

Efficiently manage your inventory of part and avoid overstocking.

Ensure compliance with safety regulation by maintaining detailed record of aircraft performance and operational parameters.

Datasets and analytical solutions:

  • Real-time aircraft data
  • Real-time data on aircraft paths
  • Aircraft types by operators
  • Flight hours and cycles