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Global vessel monitoring

Spire Maritime AIS data offers maritime authorities the ability to track all of the world’s shipping even in the most remote regions

Government maritime agencies require a cost-effective solution that will provide better visibility into maritime traffic patterns and detect/identify suspicious behaviour.

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Russian Superyacht
Russian oligarch’s yachts – where are they now?

Some of Russia’s richest individuals have had some of their most prized assets immobilized or seized after Western governments imposed and enforced sanctions; others have scrambled to move them to safe havens around the world.

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Aerial view of maritime container ship at sea
Maritime AIS: Why data quality matters

For virtually any commercial business or organization (governmental or non-governmental) in the modern world, the collection of quality data is of elemental importance.

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Beta Begins: New solution delivers improved performance, quality, & innovation

Our new offering, Maritime 2.0, reduces duplicate MMSIs from 20% to 1%.

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Spire Maritime
How to use maritime data to optimise your fuel costs [Free e-book]

Download our free ebook to learn more about how you can benefit from adding data to your maritime operations. We’ve included detailed customer case studies and flexible buying options to help you unlock the data advantage today.

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In a Challenging Year, We Stayed Focused on Customers

in 2020 we grew our constellation, increased our output, launched new features and stayed focused on our customers.

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Ships at sea surrounded by data
Maritime AIS tracking data is more complicated than you might think

AIS tracking is more than finding a dot on a map. It’s having the equipment to capture a signal, so that the dot can even exist.

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Make D-AIS™ work for you

Dynamic AIS provides easy to use, customizable data without any gaps in coverage – even in the busiest shipping lanes.

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AIS tracking data: How to buy the data you need
How to buy AIS tracking data: a 6-Step guide

This guide simplifies AIS tracking data buying and provides you with six steps, so you buy only the data you need.

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