Orbital Services


Let’s get you to orbit

Spire is a ‘Space-to-Cloud’ data services provider and satellite operator that relies on the vantage point of space to create valuable information for our customers. Spire has more than 200 years of flight heritage with more than 100 satellites launched to date and over 80 currently in operation, acting as a fully integrated global network of sensors.

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Fast, scalable, and reliable access to space

Spire’s Orbital Service is designed to accommodate new customer payloads quickly and efficiently allowing for an incredibly fast rollout of new capabilities. Our flexible and consistent launch schedule, as well as our ability to design, assemble, test, and operate LEMUR satellites in-house, allows new sensors to go from design to launch in just 6 months


Why Spire?

We serve our customers by offering to host 1U to 3U payloads on our industry-leading LEMUR and LEMUR ‘Plus’ carriers. Our global network of 30+ ground stations (that we operate), ensure Spire’s incredibly low latency and bent-pipe delivery of payload data to our customers.

  • Low Cost

    Our cutting edge nanosatellite technology and rapid manufacturing accelerate the time to orbit. Since we own our satellites, the cost is significantly lower than satellite development.

  • Fast

    Our ability to assemble one satellite every 10 days, combined with a consistent launch schedule, ensures design to launch in just 6 months.

  • Secure

    Full vertical integration ensures a controlled and efficient payload integration process. Our customized data sets are completely secure. Spire’s end-to-end data encryption guarantees data pipeline security.


Payload Space

1U to 3U space available for hosted payloads

Fast production

Design to launch in approximately 6 months


Production capability of 1 satellite every 10 days with constellation-level scalability

Fast Turn Around

Ability to launch every 60-90 days

Constant access

30+ ground stations for low data latency

Optimal control

Easy and customizable customer access to payloads for optimal control

Encryption of data

End-to-end encryption of data already implemented

Customer case studies

Jacobs Hosted ISR Payloads

Jacobs chose Spire’s hosted payload service to rapidly validate several of their next generation Innovative Space (InSpace) technologies.

NGA MagQuest Program

Spire was selected by the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) to design a 6U Cubesat bus to collect geo-magnetic data in support of the deployment of the Worldwide Magnetic Model (WMM).


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