Vessel Performance

Boost your vessel performance with Maritime Weather & AIS APIs

Unmatched maritime weather coverage across the open oceans powered by Spire’s advanced satellite technology

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Deep Navigation Analytics™

Anticipate the impact of ocean weather on your vessel fleet’s performance globally with the first layer in Spire’s Deep Navigation Analytics™ platform to:

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Improve ship performance

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Optimize fuel consumption

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Increase cargo, crew and ship safety

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Reduce your carbon footprint

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Enhance voyage optimization

Unlock the secrets of the ocean with global accurate maritime weather & AIS APIs

Historical Maritime Weather API

Access the true potential of your vessel performance models’ and routing algorithms with Spire’s high fidelity historical maritime weather data.

Our global coverage on a 12 x 12 km grid provides comprehensive atmospheric and metocean variables, including hard-to-find variables like ocean salinity and currents. We offer a one-stop-shop approach to save you time, and you only pay for the variables you need with flexible subscription or one-off data purchase options.

Let us help you make informed decisions and gain a complete picture of your vessel’s performance.

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Shipping vessel in a rough sea using maritime weather data

Shipping vessel at sea with assisting barge tug boats


Current Maritime Weather API

Stay in control of your maritime operations by accessing up-to-the minute weather information, even in the middle of the ocean.

The atmosphere is a chaotic, complex system, and unexpected changes can impact your bottom line. That’s why staying informed about the latest weather conditions is crucial for your maritime business.

Identify and prepare for weather-related disasters, minimize port congestion and manage terminal safety with access to all your use cases under Spire’s Deep Navigation Analytics platform.

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Suite of Weather Forecasts API

A portfolio of global weather forecasts enhanced by Spire’s space satellites and machine learning applications.

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Global Weather Forecast API

Get the most reliable global weather forecast with Spire Weather’s cutting-edge technology. Our proprietary 3-D global cloud field, along with satellite technology and multiple weather sources, provide unmatched accuracy in weather forecasts on a 12km grid anywhere in the world, even in the middle of the ocean.

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Port Optimized Forecast API

Get hyperlocal, hyperspecific weather forecasts for any port in the world. Streamline your operational scheduling, reduce maintenance downtime, and ensure smooth cargo loading/off-loading operations with Spire’s Port Optimized Forecast.

Spire’s powerful machine learning system utilizes past forecasts and observation data from various sources, enabling real-time, optimized forecasts using millions of data points. Save time, energy, and effort by accessing Spire’s location-specific weather forecasts tailored for maritime ports.

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Risk and Efficiency Insights

Spire Weather Insights uses its vast proprietary global weather model to assess the level
of efficiency and risk for your vessel, cargo, and crew on any shipping route of your choice.

Focus on improving your efficiency and safety by accessing our actionable suggestions that will tell you the impact of weather on your fleet, operations and maritime business.

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Customer testimonials

Our weather data making an impact in the real world

“The volume of data, flexibility and support we get from Spire’s weather team is unmatched. We are thrilled to be working with industry leaders as we continue to innovate and build toward a greener, more sustainable future.”

Luc Terral
Co-founder – BluePulse

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“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business Development Manager – Predictwind

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“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Søren Meyer
CEO – ZeroNorth

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Customized solutions for your specific needs

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Voyage Optimization

We deliver multi-objective, data-driven voyage optimization solutions that can be tailored for your specific goal including cost reduction, time optimization, and fuel usage.

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Vessel Performance

Our vessel performance solution leverages analytics and satellite data to optimize the efficiency and operations of maritime vessels, resulting in less fuel usage, better engine performance, and overall sustainability.

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Weather Monitoring

Our weather monitoring services provide customized data reporting and analytical capabilities, allowing you to focus on key data and make informed decisions on how to proceed with your maritime operations.

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