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They trust our data

“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business development manager – Predictwind

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“We saw great value by adding Spire Weather to our systems. We achieved an uplift of 20-30% in weather forecast accuracy, yielded substantially better system performance, and saw a positive impact on the TCE results.”

Constantine Komodromos

“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Soren Meyer
CEO – Zeronorthx

What is Historical Maritime Weather?

Our historical data set spans the entire globe homogeneously, in hourly resolutions. Use this comprehensive historical weather data set to compare events over the course of years, months, and days. The global, unique nature of Spire’s historical weather data set makes it a powerful tool for analysis and correlation of past events.

Boost business decision making

Boost your maritime business decision making capabilities by fuelling your planning engines with 30 years’ of related historical data. With COVID-related manpower shortages and port bottlenecks, any unanticipated weather event will only exacerbate the existing conditions and now, it’s more important than ever to have easy access to maritime historical weather data.

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Explore the past to better predict the future

A customized one stop shop for all your weather needs. Choose the weather variables you desire from Spire’s global historical data set and customize it as per your industry’s needs.

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Power up and train your AI models

With over 30 years’ of historical maritime weather data to input into your systems, improve your algorithms, and generate AI-driven insights to train your models and better predict the future impact on your business.

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Uniform resolution via gridded observations

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Global coverage with no gaps over oceans

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Hourly resolution

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On demand custom delivery

Analyze routes by trajectory

Whether you want to plan your ship schedule, route for the next year, monitor your fleet or investigate maritime insurance claims, now you can access historical maritime weather data over a specific destination path and undertake strategic action accordingly.

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What is Current Maritime Weather?

Current weather conditions aim to provide customers with an analysis of the weather at the current time (what’s happening now).

Align your day’s activities

Coordinate your planned schedule with favorable current weather patterns. If you’re a vessel enroute to your destination where storms are expected, you can change course accordingly.
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Prepare contingency plans

For instance, if cargo is meant to be off-loaded from your vessel at a port and strong gusts of wind are beginning to blow, you can take the necessary steps to protect all assets. Having access to current weather insights will ensure that you can implement any safety or management measures that would be required.
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Optimize operational productivity

Save your time, costs and research efforts to maximize your bottom line with the support of Spire Current Weather. Get hyper-specific, accurate current weather insights to optimize your ship routes, improve fuel consumption and vessel performance.

  • Track weather conditions anywhere in the world
  • Optimize decision making when reacting to the always changing weather conditions
  • Reduce your business risks
  • Minimize financial losses due to weather
  • Ensure safe, cost-optimized operations & downtime

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What is Maritime Weather Forecast?

Empower your maritime operations with Spire’s advanced weather-driven insights and solutions to open up new opportunities and unlock previously untapped business potential.

Save fuel costs

Use Spire’s reliable, user-friendly weather forecast to save thousands of dollars in fuel expenses and reduce your carbon footprint. Know how the weather will influence vessel traffic at ports to plan your own ETA so as to enhance fuel efficiency.

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Save time

All of our packages include weather forecasts and historical data sets with gridded 12 km resolution, filtered data, delivered in multiple formats based on your specific needs. Accessible through an easy to use Rest API, you’ll save oodles of time by accessing our structured, cleansed datasets directly.

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Easy to use API

Our intelligent and easy to use APIs can be quickly and easily integrated into your analytics platforms. Spire offers a comprehensive API documentation for developers, tutorials and Public GitHub repository of code samples and integration examples.

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Our restful APIs allow quick and easy data queries for more efficient and modern workflows.

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Easy To Use

Our maritime weather data pairs perfectly with maritime tracking. Maximum insight, minimum friction.

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Zero Blind Spots

There are regions in the world that are under-observed with current methods. With GPSRO, Spire’s forecast fills this gap.

Port Optimized Forecast

A hyper-local weather forecast tailored for maritime ports

Weather conditions at ports and terminals can dramatically impact safe and timely shipping operations. Save your time, energy, and effort by accessing Spire’s location-specific, optimized weather forecast that is tailored for maritime ports.

Spire’s Port Optimized Forecast helps facilitate operational scheduling, maintenance downtime, enable smooth cargo loading/off-loading operations and keep all stakeholders safe.

Customized weather data packages

Whether you’re coordinating ongoing vessel traffic, assessing port downtime costs, or planning cargo loading operations, empower your decisions with Spire’s reliable, user friendly- forecast. Select your weather variables as per your port’s distinct requirements and obtain a holistic view of the weather’s impact.

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Complete situational awareness at your port

Port Hyper Local weather data set: Seamless, weather forecast insights delivered via our easy-to-use APIs. Our maritime and weather coverage will provide you with complete situational awareness around the port of your interest.

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Easy Integration

Our intelligent and easy to use APIs can be quickly and easily integrated into your analytics platforms. Spire offers a comprehensive API documentation for developers, tutorials and Public GitHub repository of code samples and integration examples

Get a 360 degree of the weather patterns at your specific port site and unlock new business capabilities now!

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Other capabilities

Create your own Dashboard

Spire Weather Analytics Dashboard

  • Spire Weather Analytics transforms data into actionable insights to help solve your business challenges.
  • Point-specific dashboards are easy to use, customizable and deliver in-depth insights to help you predict outcomes, test business strategies and automate decision making.
  • Evaluate comprehensive relevant weather data at a glance with configurable dashboards layered with data to provide in-depth insights and analysis.

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