Maritime Data Analytics: Why data storytelling matters

Maritime use cases:

We all have a story to tell and at Spire Maritime we like to tell our stories with our data using numbers, charts, and graphs in a way that is easy to access, quick to understand, and actionable. Meet Spire Analytics, our newest tool that provides actionable insights for your maritime data.

So you’re ready to start using Big Data to help your organization move from reactive responses to fine-tuned, proactive strategy. Analytics are the backbone of predicting outcomes, automating decision making, and identifying patterns and anomalies. But how does that help your organization? How can analytics be tailored to solve your specific business challenges? How can data be turned into actionable insights? It can seem like a glut of endless charts, overwhelming dashboards, and visualizations that don’t make any sense.

Welcome to data storytelling

Data storytelling is a new way of using data that is more than charts and numbers; it’s a narrative that tells the story of your enterprise’s challenges. It’s compelling, accessible, and completely your own. To tell your data story you’ll need to define your challenge, extract and collect data, and define the elements that are affecting your issue. When your narrative is combined with data, it can explain what is happening and highlight a particular insight that may be important. The value of data can be measured by how well it solves your challenge or issue. The bottom line here is that data and analytics need to be flexible and delivered in an easy to use dashboard that tells your story in a way that makes sense to you.

Meet Spire Analytics

Spire Maritime created Spire Analytics to tell your company’s story, concisely and simply. We built in a wide range of filters so you can pick and choose which data types that matter to you. Spire Analytics layers AIS and Maritime data together with analytics in a flexible tool that allows you to drill down into the data to visualize reports and graphs that are meaningful to you. For example, you can see an overview of all global vessels by type, by charter, by region, or by port. You can download all of the information you collect, and create alerts. In the alerts, you can request notifications to be sent when a fully loaded tanker arrives at a port in Rio de Janeiro, or have an email sent to you when a particular bunker vessel leaves the Port of Rotterdam. This flexible, analytical tool ingests Spire AIS data, T-AIS data, cargo related data, and vessel data all on one dashboard that is accessible 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Spire Analytics goes beyond delivering data in APIs. It’s an opportunity for you to interact with Spire data and conduct in-depth data analysis. Spire Analytics delivers the “last mile” portion of data analysis that captures the actionable insights to drive better business outcomes. We’ve made them easy to use, put the data all in one place, and added the analytics to predict outcomes and automate decision making.

These features impact what you do

For shipping and logistics professionals, Spire Analytics helps you discover relationships and empowers your organization to drive desired outcomes, like cost savings, route optimization, and decreased emissions. It also helps you form in-depth insights, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to optimize profits and keep your customers informed. Filtering the data on your dashboard lets you hone in on the areas and timing that matter most to you and your customers because when global supply chains are in question, data and analytics enables you to visualize challenges, predict outcomes, and drive decision making based on event patterns before they impact delivery.

Oftentimes, finance and insurance professionals need to know a vessel’s voyage history when monitoring casualties and sanction breaches, and data and analytics are central to this estimating process. Spire Analytics customized dashboards enable data filtering to isolate the information and patterns you’re looking for. When you’re making lending decisions, estimating risk, or investigating claims, accurate data and predictive analytics are essential for the right outcome. Whether you need to see vessel activity at ports or at sea, predicting outcomes based on statistical modeling helps to provide clarity for your decision making. Our easy to use data is trusted and we’re always adding to our satellite constellation, so we can collect more data to help you build stronger cases.

Actionable insights for your maritime data

Customize your view – Custom data filtering for a business case. Set up alerts based on events

Visualize your most valuable insights – Evaluate data at a glance with configurable dashboards to identify patterns and aggregations.

Track the events that matter to you – Make business decisions and identify patterns with data and analytics. Filter and drill down to very granular levels to see root causes and anomalies

Build customized solutions – Interact with large volumes of Maritime Data, filter, and derive insights to create custom solutions and predict outcomes.

Enable the data advantage

Contact us for more information on Spire Analytics. We design and operate our own constantly evolving satellite constellation and predictive models, giving you unparalleled access to maritime data you can act on.

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