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Our customers constantly amaze us with their innovative approach to industry solutions and out-of-the-box ideas to build a better planet. This month’s Innovative Customer Spotlight is on Nautilus Labs, a maritime technology company that reduces emissions while maximizing commercial returns. Let’s take a look at how Nautilus Labs is advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through AI.

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Shipping is extremely fascinating, and is often very much overlooked, as we, as a society, take many things for granted. Shipping is the backbone of global trade, and with solutions like Nautilus Labs, we have the opportunity to eliminate 1% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

Powered by millions of data points, Nautilus Labs leverages machine learning and naval architectural models to generate ship-specific recommendations to optimize clients’ vessel and voyage efficiency.

Their collaborative Voyage Optimization solution empowers Owners and Charterers to work together to increase voyage profitability while balancing regulatory and financial emissions requirements.

Nautilus Labs Voyage Optimization

Nautilus Labs Voyage Optimization

Forward-Thinking Clients

Nautilus Labs customers are not looking for a “faster horse” by updating the current and antiquated processes of today, they are excited and inspired by thoughtful technological change in the market. They are the forward-thinking leaders of the industry who recognize that the future is digital and collaborative.

The commercial and technical structures that we have been dependent upon need to and will evolve. Misaligned incentives between owners and charterers can be and will be ameliorated through the use of data, and the pressures and burdens of emissions regulations can be turned into opportunities through investment in technology.

Nautilus Labs in Action

It’s incredible to see that small changes can have such a huge impact.

Nautilus Labs worked on a voyage optimization with one of their clients. A bulk ship, traveling from Asia to Australia back and forth. What they saw was a “Hurry-Up-And-Wait” behavior: The ship departed port at very high speeds, much faster than needed. Arriving way earlier than necessary, the ship had to make loops close to port to wait for berth availability. The decision was made based on fear of missed arrival times and fear of the unknown.

Nautilus Labs then generated ship-specific recommendations for that ship and sent operating instructions. By following the instructions, the ship traveled at a lower speed and still made it to port on time. This change resulted in 450Mt of CO2 savings, and 12% reduced fuel consumption. Over the course of the year, this results in 5,400MT of reduced CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking 1,170 cars off the road for an entire year. Something that would not be possible without millions of data points, sophisticated and accurate machine learning models, and forward-thinking clients.

Innovation and Diversity is Key

As a company bringing in talent from inside and outside the industry, Nautilus Labs has been building a culture with the strength and the resilience to challenge the status quo, try new things, and build scalable digital solutions with feedback from customers. This blending of industry and tech expertise allows Nautilus Labs to approach difficult problems humbly and build solutions creatively.

“Nautilus was built on the imperative of the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. That aligns very well with my personal beliefs. Our generation can shape the future. I want to be part of a change and transformation that matters.”

Taylor March
Director, Sales

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With hubs in New York, Singapore, London, and Paris, Nautilus Labs is backed by the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund and M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund.

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