Spire Space Services Case Study – Mango One

Jacobs next-generation payload demonstrations powered by Spire’s hosted payload services.

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Jacobs is utilizing Spire’s space services to test and demonstrate a new type of commercial space-based Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA), onboard a Spire 3U satellite. Jacobs’s approach enables customers to proliferate space-based sensors that provide near-continuous monitoring and gather valuable actionable intelligence in the ground, sea, air, and space domains.

“Jacobs is focused on validating our next-generation technologies in space to accelerate innovative and affordable mission capability to our defense, civilian, and commercial customers.”

James Elder
VP & GM, Jacobs Rapid Solutions Unit

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Traditional methods for testing technologies on-orbit can be expensive and time consuming, but on-orbit demonstration is a critical step to prove technology readiness.

Jacobs saw an opportunity to reduce risk, maintain control, save time, and decrease costs by hosting its payloads on Spire’s 3U satellite buses. Spire’s hosted payload services provided Jacobs with a low-risk, highly secure, cost-effective and rapid path to orbit.


Jacobs selected Spire’s 3U satellite platform to host its next-generation payload technologies.

Spire space services advantages:


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Spire designed a payload satellite interface and leveraged a third-party dedicated X-band ground station to provide a fully encrypted uplink & downlink that only Jacobs can access.

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The payload operates autonomously, according to daily tasking by Jacobs; Spire provides the tasking API but never accesses the encrypted tasking instructions.

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End to End Solution

Spire offers a complete solution including on site integration services, launch, FCC licensing, and on orbit checkout and ground station operations.


The Spire 3U satellite hosted payload solution provides Jacobs with secure and cost-effective access to space; this comes from using the most scalable satellite platform available today coupled with Spire’s unique system design providing full downlink encryption. The Jacobs payload launched in January 2021 on a SpaceX Falcon 9.

As a result of this successful first satellite, Jacobs has agreed to launch two additional hosted payloads with Spire. These additional satellites will continue supporting Jacobs’ desire for rapid technology iteration to speed the advanced technology lifecycle.

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