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Maritime Data and Analytics

Spire Maritime uses satellite AIS data and sophisticated APIs to provide maritime awareness solutions for vessel tracking, ship monitoring, and for viewing historic AIS data and predicted positions.
Spire has one of the largest satellite constellations in the world. And we build and launch and write the software for those satellites. Spire Sense Cloud gives you access to this industry-leading AIS data. Our Standard and Premium APIs let you access AIS data that we’ve cleansed: data we’ve removed the noise and redundancies from. For advanced analytics and planning, the cleansed data is much better than the raw AIS feed, which can be full of errors.
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Unlike competitors who are spending millions of dollars on low-latency AIS that will ultimately drive up cost and business risk, Spire has harnessed machine learning and our historical data to compute the position of ships with zero latency.

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Filtering down to only the data you need is simple with Spire’s API. Looking for container ships? Simple. Looking for just your container ships? Easy.

Our partner integrations with ESRI, Maplarge, Descartes Labs make getting started with the Spire Sense data a simple operation. Many of Spire’s customers have also chosen to develop with our well documented APIs directly for their custom applications. Full documentation and support is available.

Getting Ahead

What makes for a next gen AIS data ecosystem?

Improved AIS

Enriching datasets with more AIS data

Data Fusion

Adding value to AIS with additional datasets

Predictive AIS

Keeping ahead of the game

Better Data Delivery

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During the demo, we’ll cover the difference between Spire’s APIs, how satellites are changing the way we look at data and the process for integrating the data into your application. Contact us now to schedule.
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