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Weather (RO Data)

From the very first prototype satellite, Spire has had its sights set on weather & climate. There is not a single person on the planet who isn't affected by weather each day. With increased global business and the threat of climate change, the stakes have never been higher. 
Radio Occultation Data

GNSS-RO & GPS-RO (sometimes used interchangeably) harness the power of global navigation systems to capture weather data. As Spire's LEMUR satellites orbit the Earth, they pick up signals from GPS satellites rising and falling on the horizon. These signals, which scrape through the atmosphere, are bent by the moisture that they encounter. Once analyzed, the bent signals tells us a great deal about the temperature, pressure, and humidity of the air on our planet.

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GNSS signal passes through the atmosphere then is picked up by a LEMUR in Low Earth Orbit.
Processing RO Data

Spire is the only commercial entity in the world with the expertise to process raw radio occultation data into measurements to be placed into weather forecasts. Each profile is collected with a Spire satellite and analyzed using Spire’s cloud-based processing system. The system is able to scale from thousands to hundreds of thousands of profiles processed per day. 

Case Study

NOAA Commercial Weather Data Pilot

Case Study - image

The NOAA Commercial Space Policy called for NOAA to seek demonstration projects that validate the viability of commercial weather data for integration into NOAA’s meteorological models. Spire was the only company to complete the first round of data trials and will complete the second round of the trial in 2019.

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