Dynamic AIS™

Dynamic AIS™ is a next-generation solution from Spire Maritime that further augments our premium data quality and provides an additional layer of data precision and increased accuracy for highly congested and high traffic maritime zones.

Combined with Spire Maritime’s global satellite AIS tracking, all regions and vessels are covered with consistent, reliable and frequent updates.

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Welcome to the South China Sea. Heavy traffic in this area has made AIS vessel signal detection harder: due to congestion AIS signals collide resulting in position detection inaccuracies in reporting.

Dynamic AIS™ solves the high traffic challenge, providing augmented layer of vessel detection in the South China Sea and all other high traffic zones and busy shipping routes around the world.

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Notice the increase in detections for this area. Unlike other satellite AIS providers, Spire Maritime combines three types of AIS collection (terrestrial, satellite, and Dynamic™) into one service delivering an unprecedented frequency of position updates.

D-AIS™ data is available on subscription or as static historical data sets.

Satellite AIS Dynamic AIS™

The Dynamic AIS™ Difference: Three types of AIS collection

Dynamic AIS™ is layered with Satellite and Terrestrial AIS to achieve complete data coverage, even in remote oceans and high traffic zones.

Dynamic AIS™ allows you to benefit from thousands of satellite-enabled AIS receivers onboard vessels travelling throughout the busiest shipping lanes in the world. It provides an unprecedented frequency of position updates, and expanded global AIS coverage helps customers track the vessels with enhanced detection. In addition to the satellite constellation, our 3,000+ satellite-enabled AIS receivers track vessels and the traffic and send this data to communication satellites.

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“We immediately saw vast improvements when we integrated Dynamic AIS™ into our products.”

Mads Andreasen
CEO, Oceanbolt