How Oceanbolt use Enhanced Satellite AIS to detect bulk trade at ports

Intelligence Platform Provider, Oceanbolt, leverages Enhanced Satellite AIS to deliver real time insights into global dry bulk trade flows.

From Individual Vessel Tracking to Global Bulk Trade Flows, Enhanced Satellite AIS Enhances Intelligence Platform.

Oceanbolt utilizes AIS data combined with geospatial analytics and polygons to provide real time trade flow data to their customers.

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Dry bulk ports are often busy with a high number of vessels entering and exiting at any one time. These high traffic zones complicate terrestrial and satellite AIS messages causing message collison which results in lost ships and data gaps. These gaps in data challenged Oceanbolt’s ability to provide real time trade flow data, particularly in the South China Sea. AIS data message gaps in high traffic zones is a common challenge in the maritime industry. When gaps around a port or berth occur, Oceanbolt can’t provide customers with a complete record, therefore bulk trades can go unrecorded.

“After we integrated Enhanced Satellite AIS into our internal AIS geospatial processing algorithms, we have seen a 4% uplift in port call detection for the dry bulk fleet. This is paramount for us to track global dry bulk trade with as high accuracy as possible.”

Mads Schou-AndreasenMads Schou-Andreasen
CEO, and Co-founder, Oceanbolt

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Oceanbolt added Enhanced Satellite AIS data to their satellite AIS feed mix as a solution to solve the data gaps they were experiencing.

Without Enhanced Satellite AIS, much of the AIS data in busy port areas would be missing. Enhanced Satellite AIS delivers unprecedented data in areas known for AIS data gaps, like the South China Sea and the English Channel. Oceanbolt has many customers wanting to visualize dry bulk cargo dataflows and the South China Sea where they relied on AIS data.

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Enhanced Satellite AIS helps Oceanbolt track world trade with a level of accuracy their customers can depend on to make operational decisions with confidence.

Oceanbolt achieved a 4% uplift in global port call detection using Enhanced Satellite AIS. They can pass these improved analytics on to their customers in the form of more accurate geospatial processing algorithms.

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