DeepSea: the hidden cost of wind in fuel consumption

Did you know that under certain wind speeds, your fuel consumption for your ship can double on the high seas?

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DeepSea, a leading AI-powered voyage optimization maritime entity, partnered with Spire Global, to understand the impact of winds on vessel performance.

Deepsea case study results - moderate winds can result in 8% increase in fuel consumption & stronger winds can result in 20% increased fuel consumption


DeepSea sought to enhance its vessel-specific performance models with a highly accurate and detailed source of ocean weather data – in order to predict the impact of wind, waves, currents and other nautical phenomena on fuel consumption.

The following limitations are a key challenge for predictive voyage optimisation:

  • 80% of our world’s oceans are unmapped and unobserved
  • Discrepancies in wind-weather observations: Ocean wind and wave data gathered on the high seas comes from instruments deployed on buoys and traveling ships, which raises inconsistencies in wind-weather observations


By adding Spire’s weather data into its predictive voyage planning algorithm, DeepSea gained global coverage across the open oceans. Deepsea analyzed the relationship between ship speed and the increase in power demand (and fuel consumption) under moderate and heavier wind conditions.

“We’re taking it to the next level by using Spire’s satellites to collect accurate and global oceanic weather data across all points on the high seas to better train our AI-powered voyage optimization solutions“

Symeon Chatzigeorgiou
Business Director, DeepSea Technologies

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