Finding the most energy-efficient route to ship reefer containers

Enhancing reefer fleet energy predictions with advanced weather data.

BluePulse, a leading maritime data analytics company, is seeking to help reefer container ships save energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by testing alternative routes through its energy simulation tool, BlueRoute, that offers 97% accuracy.


5% fuel saved

5% of total ships fuel saved on 63% tested routes

297 MWh

297 MWh

297 MWh reefer energy savings per crossing

136 GWh

136 GWh savings

136 GWh of potential savings per year for all Atlantic crossings


€20M savings

Over €20M Euros saved and over 90,000 tons of eqCO2

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Essentially challenging the traditional Great Circle Navigation practice of sailing the “shortest distance” between two points on our planet, BluePulse aspires to utilize AI technology to help the maritime industry build sustainable operations at low cost.

To test its theory that the swiftest shipping route may not always be the most energy-friendly, BluePulse integrated Spire’s weather data forecast to its reefer fleet energy simulation tool to estimate the energy utilized by reefer fleets and to identify which voyage paths are the most fuel efficient and carbon-friendly.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with like-minded companies such as Spire to do our bit to help reefer companies reduce their carbon footprint as well as optimize costs in today’s expensive fiscal climate. Using Spire Weather’s historical weather data has been instrumental in training our energy simulation model to create more accurate predictions. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve these numbers without Spire’s accurate, high resolution weather datasets.”

Luc Terrel
Co-Founder of BluePulse

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BluePulse required global, reliable weather information to add to its digital energy simulation twin so as to test over a thousand shipping paths and pin-point which specific path would be the most optimal one for reefer energy saving and fuel consumption.


In collaboration with the French Space Agency, BluePulse has created an energy simulation tool, with over 97% accuracy level that will equip shipping companies with strategic energy efficiency insights in real-time so they may adapt their conditions accordingly.

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