Blue Wasp, Theyr and Spire lead the way in charting sustainable seas

Spire’s voyage optimization enhances route efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

Emission reduction and environmental compliance

Leveraging real-time data to optimize routes and speeds, it saves fuel and cuts emissions, aiding the maritime industry in meeting sustainability targets and complying with environmental regulations.


The maritime sector is rapidly advancing towards reducing emissions and improving ship efficiency to align with international standards. Spire’s collaboration with Blue Wasp, experts in
wind assistance propulsion technology, and Theyr, pioneers in multi-objective genetic voyage
optimization, supports the industry’s goals to lower emissions.


Spire’s global weather forecasts and Blue Wasp Marine’s Pelican ship model effectively combine with Theyr’s T-VOS solution, optimizing for the most efficient route.

“Spire, in partnership with Blue Wasp and Theyr, is redefining maritime travel. By marrying our advanced weather data with cutting-edge wind propulsion technology, we’re making eco-efficient shipping a reality. This isn’t just progress; it’s a new era for the maritime industry where sustainability and innovation navigate together. We’re charting the course for the future of shipping.”

Michael Eilts
GM Weather and Earth Intelligence, Spire

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voyages evaluated over 5 years


additional savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions


possible routes are instantly refined to identify the single most optimal path

Spire weather forecasts

are essential for wind-assisted ships in route planning

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