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Enhancing weather forecasts with Spire’s unique technology

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Radio occultation technology, significantly enhancing Weather Forecast

The radio occultation profiles collected by Spire’s satellites bring a unique understanding of the global weather conditions, and is the foundation of a highly valuable weather forecast.

How does it work?

1. GPS/GNSS Satellites

Spire satellites collect radio signals sent by GPS/GNSS satellites on the other side of the planet.

2. Radio Occultation

As these signals pass through the atmosphere, they are refracted.

3. Spire Satellites

By analyzing the refraction, Spire is able to understand the atmosphere from the ground up to 120 km.

Continuously enhancing weather forecasts with Spire’s unique technology.

Spire weather uses our growing constellation of LEMUR satellites to create a unique global-observation network. By continuously collecting and processing GPS and GNSS signals as they pass through the earth’s atmosphere, our satellites can measure temperature, pressure and humidity over 7000 times per day worldwide.

What is the added value ?

An unbiased measurement of Weather conditions

Radio occultations provide an unbiased very accurate measurement of the atmospheric conditions without variations over time and experimented with weather sensors.

Homogeneously spread around the world

Unlike weather balloons that only collect data twice per day from specific sites, Spire satellites scan the entire planet 24/7 and over remote regions like the oceans and the poles.

Observing the weather from the ground up to 120km

Local weather is not an isolated phenomenon – this vertical and horizontal scanning creates a unique understanding of the global weather evolution.


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An unrivalled technology powering Spire Weather models

Improving Weather Forecasts one satellite at a time

A complete weather observation dataset is the starting point of any weather forecast. Spire is currently collecting 3x more radio occultation data than any other commercial entity on the planet, and this number is increasing with our frequent satellite launches. Spire’s unrivaled radio occultation technology powers Spire’s weather models and sets a new benchmark for weather forecasts.