Weather Solutions for Renewable Energy

Leverage accurate weather datasets to optimize your energy production

Anticipating, understanding and managing the weather is the key to successful and profitable energy output

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An optimized & more accurate weather forecast for your specific farm

High resolution and accurate weather data enabling renewable energy operations anywhere in the world.

Understanding and managing the weather is the key to successful and profitable energy farms. Spire Weather provides indispensable information for safe and efficient management of your solar and wind farms.

Creates an optimized and more accurate forecast for a specific wind farm

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What our customers say

Better, more accurate wind forecasts

PredictWind provides the maritime sporting and leisure community with high-quality ocean forecasts.

They conducted a study to assess the accuracy levels of different weather forecast models. PredictWind’s comparison ranked Spire as #1 for wind speed and wind direction prediction accuracy.

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Manage downtime efficiently

Accurate weather data can facilitate wind and solar farms to plan downtime safely and efficiently. Ensuring that maintenance is being practiced under favorable weather conditions will allow cost-optimized operations as well. Avoiding such processes during high gusts of wind will not only protect your human capital but your energy asset as well.

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Estimate energy production accurately

Combining meteorological insights with AI-powered algorithms and machine learning produces reliable weather forecasts that help to equate the supply and demand of energy. As we transition to more weather-dependent sources of energy, it’s critical to have access to comprehensive datasets to estimate energy production to cater to all the needs of the global market.

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Minimize losses due to weather

By anticipating extreme weather events such as storms, high winds, wildfires etc, you can protect your energy producing assets from harm. For example, freak storms can damage solar panels significantly and disrupt your day-to-day operations. Wind turbines, on the other hand, are susceptible to changes in wind conditions. Changes in the direction or speed of the wind can reduce the output generated by your wind turbines, threaten its structural integrity and also impair its components.

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Evade costly penalties

If wind farms fail to produce the forecasted level of energy, they not only lose out on profit but instead have to pay penalties for the lack of supply. On the contrary, if there is an excess of energy production, wind farm managers don’t receive a profit as there is a cap on the output predicted. Thus, accurate wind and weather data is critical to the bottom line of renewable wind energy farms.

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Weather forecast use cases

weather forecasting wind speed
As renewable energy grows, so does demand for weather data and analytics

A look at how wind and solar energy use weather forecasts for a broad range of applications, from site planning, to daily operations, to maintenance.

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wind turbines
How To Protect Your Wind Turbine

For wind farms, extreme winds pose risks, but also opportunities. An overview of the risks and benefits of extreme winds to renewable wind energy facilities.

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Renewable energy - Aerial view of offshore wind farm
Scale Offshore Wind Operations & Efficiencies With Better Wind Forecasting

Why efficient and scalable offshore wind energy depends on accurate and high-resolution weather forecasts and radio occultation

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What our customers say

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We’re a specialist company that does remote sensing, so we know the value that satellite technology brings to the table. This is why we’re so happy Spire provides such data points using satellite technology as it covers the entire world without any gaps. Before, the level of accuracy was only 75% but now with Spire’s integration, it’s gone up to 95%.”

Rishikiesh Sapre
Co-founder – Mantle Labs

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“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business development manager – Predictwind

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“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Soren Meyer
CEO – Zeronorthx