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Groundbreaking Space‑based Weather Data

Spire’s vast low-orbit satellite constellation collects real-time data from every layer of the atmosphere, in even notoriously difficult high altitudes. We’re constantly adding new hardware, improving our forecast API, and customizing our predictive weather models to power your most ambitious projects.

The new benchmark for global weather data and analytics

Proprietary radio occultation technology

Spire’s 110+ satellites use radio frequency sensors to create a 3D profile of atmospheric temperature, pressure, and humidity over 10,000 times per day.

The most accurate, extensive coverage

By using radio occultation instead of weather balloons or radar, we provide much greater accuracy and depth of weather data and forecasts, even in remote areas and on the open ocean.

World-changing use cases

Spire customers use our unique weather insights to combat climate change, save billions a year in operational disruptions, and build innovative weather products that run on our data.

Seamless integration and support

Our modern APIs and web mapping service (WMS) visualizations integrate Spire into your existing workflows, piping data wherever you need it. Get outstanding support from the Spire team every step of the way.


Global weather and analytics

Weather forecasts

More than 100 high precision weather variables available anywhere on the planet

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Historical weather data

Purchase global historical datasets to build custom predictive solutions.

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Port and airport forecasts

Access advanced, location-specific weather predictions.

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