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Groundbreaking Space‑based Weather Data

Spire’s vast low-orbit satellite constellation collects real-time data from every layer of the atmosphere, in even notoriously difficult high altitudes. We’re constantly adding new hardware, improving our forecast API, and customizing our predictive weather models to power your most ambitious projects.

How do our weather solutions solve your challenges?


Ports and shipping are highly impacted by weather

The greatest risk to safety and fuel emissions is extreme weather. Having access to reliable, easy-to-use weather forecasting is paramount to the wellbeing of all seafaring vessels. Spire Weather helps to:

  • Sharpen critical information like reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Minimize risks and reduce disruptions on difficult routes such as the Tokar Gap in the Red Sea
  • Reduce “cargo sweat” by leveraging precise weather information
  • Improve E-navigation and add value to maritime intelligence applications

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Weather is one of the most important factors impacting productivity

As each season shows an increasing amount of extreme weather events and each region faces unique weather related difficulties, the decision-making process has become more and more complex for farmers.

  • Weather drives the grower’s decisions on the daily life of the farm
  • Crops need an appropriate climate, a fertile terrain, controlled moisture and sun for a healthy growth
  • Farmers are facing a major challenge to continuously supply food to a fast growing global population

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Weather is the primary disruptor of airline operations

With a constant focus to protect passenger safety and improve fuel efficiency, it is more important than ever to have access to global weather forecast data. Aviation forecasters must also consider clear air turbulence, icing and winds aloft data to support scheduled flight operation for safety and efficiency.

  • Save Fuel: Global weather visibility for long haul flight planning
  • Wind and Turbulence: Improve safety for passengers and flight crews with enhanced data
  • Flight Level Forecast: Quick and easy integration into global weather applications

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Driving down risk and optimizing planning accuracy for military operations by eliminating environmental unknowns

Driving down risk and optimizing planning accuracy for military operations by eliminating environmental unknowns.

  • Providing accurate wind readings for air, land, airborne and aerial resupply to ensure the safe delivery of men and all classes of material
  • Determining where and when visibility obscurants will occur, offering opportunities to maximize airborne ISR, target containment and kinetic strike applications

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Renewable Energy

Weather Data To Fuel Your Renewable Energy Business

Understanding and managing the weather is the key to successful and profitable renewable energy projects. Spire Weather provides indispensable information for the safe and efficient management of wind and solar farms across the entire globe, even in the most remote locations.

  • Predict energy supply – develop better models to anticipate energy supply fluctuations with improved weather data inputs.
  • Improve site selection – maximize capital expenditures with better weather data to inform wind and solar farm locations.
  • Balance energy production – optimize consumption and production predictions with historical weather pattern analytics.

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The new benchmark for global weather data and analytics

weather infographic

Proprietary satellite constellation collecting radio occultation

Spire’s 110+ satellites use radio frequency sensors to create a 3D profile of atmospheric temperature, pressure, and humidity over 10,000 times per day.

High resolution Weather forecast anywhere on the planet

By using radio occultation in addition to weather balloons or radar, we provide much greater accuracy and depth of weather data and forecasts, even in remote areas and on the open ocean.

World-changing use cases

Spire customers use our unique weather insights to combat climate change, save costs on operational disruptions, and build innovative weather products that run on our data.

Seamless integration and support

Our modern APIs and web mapping service (WMS) visualizations integrate Spire into your existing workflows, piping data wherever you need it. Get outstanding support from the Spire team every step of the way.

What is radio occultation

An elegant measurement called radio occultation captures precise atmospheric data that helps reduce errors in weather forecasting.

“Many years of experience has shown that radio occultation improves the skill of global weather prediction for several reasons,” said Dr. Alexander MacDonald, a Spire Global advisor with over 40 years of experience at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “First, it has high detail in the vertical, second, it is a more accurate measure of temperature in the middle part of the atmosphere than any other satellite sensor, and third, it has excellent coverage over the whole Earth.”

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Setting sail with Spire and PredictWind

Spire Global and PredictWind have teamed up to provide a groundbreaking open ocean wind and marine weather forecast, giving sport sailors very accurate wind speed and direction.


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