Weather forecast APIs & solutions

A one-stop solution for all your weather needs. Gain access to global, comprehensive weather API – powered datasets that are highly accurate in nature.

Gathered from our constellation of 100+ satellites in space and further enriched by our AI-based algorithms, you can make trusted operational decisions to amplify your bottom line.

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Global weather forecast API

Reliable, high quality weather forecasts at your fingertips

Spire Weather data is gathered from Spire’s satellite constellation and enriched by Spire’s AI-based algorithms. Choose your variables as per your need and increase your bottom line like never before.

  • All packages include weather forecasts and historical data sets with gridded 12 km resolution filtered data
  • Delivery in multiple formats based on your specific needs.
  • Plug and play weather data via our easy-to-use APIs
  • Fuel your models, optimize operations, and drive profitability

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Probabilistic weather forecast API

A smarter way to calculate risk.

Minimize disruptions to your business by knowing the uncertainties in your weather forecast. Spire Weather’s Probabilistic Forecast can quantify the risk of an event happening. By providing probabilities of different surface temperature and precipitation thresholds (such as the probability of freezing temperatures or the probability of over 25 mm of rain), you can make data-driven decisions to optimize asset utilization and operational efficiency.

Empowering decision makers to:

  • Quantify the weather-related risks
  • Analyze action costs vs. weather risks accurately
  • Reduce your business risks
  • Minimise financial losses due to weather
  • Ensure safe, cost-optimised operations & downtime

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Point Optimized Forecast API

A hyper-accurate, hyper-specific weather forecast just for your location.

Whether you’re a solar farm owner estimating energy production, a wind farm manager planning downtime or a port manager scheduling vessel traffic, Spire’s solution will create a hyper-local, highly reliable weather forecast just for your location.

  • Hyper-localized weather forecast: Spire Weather uses local sensors, Spire’s satellite weather observations, and other sources to learn the weather patterns in a specific area and is combined with machine learning techniques to create a tailored and accurate forecast for the exact site.
  • Amplify business productivity: by gaining access to a weather forecast that is customized just for your specific location, you can plan and execute operations efficiently and ensure maximum output.
  • Maximize your bottom line: Manage downtime and maintenance time in the light of Spire’s Point Optimized Forecast that will indicate the optimal time. For instance, if you’re a farmer who is planning to start the irrigation system for crops but rain is expected -you can save water costs and let nature do the job for you.

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Weather Forecast by Route

Spire’s Weather by Route will provide you with a weather forecast for all the pre-selected waypoints on your specific trajectory over a course of ten days.

  • Enter your selected waypoints into the weather API
  • Get global, reliable weather forecasts for multiple shipping routes
  • Protect your assets, better predict ETAs and enhance vessel performance

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Historical Weather by Route

Spire’s Historical Weather by Route will give you historical weather data for multiple shipping routes used in the past for all the waypoints entered for a period of 30+ years.

  • Get global, reliable historical weather data for multiple shipping routes
  • Identify weather patterns, triggers and do efficient proforma planning

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What our customers say

“We’re a specialist company that does remote sensing, so we know the value that satellite technology brings to the table. This is why we’re so happy Spire provides such data points using satellite technology as it covers the entire world without any gaps. Before, the level of accuracy was only 75% but now with Spire’s integration, it’s gone up to 95%.”

Rishikiesh Sapre
Co-founder – Mantle Labs

Mantle Labs logo

“Rocket launches are extensively pre-planned for a specific outcome, where the launch window is calculated based on the location of the destination on its orbit. Weather events have a direct impact on the actual mission itself, therefore are monitored frequently within the site region. We expect that having access to the Spire Point Optimized Weather forecasts will increase our chances of performing a safe launch, leading to a successful mission, even in the most remote locations.”

Lloyd Damp
CEO – Southern Launch

Southern Launch logo

“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Soren Meyer
CEO – Zeronorth

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