Maritime 2.0 Customer Q&A

This is the first in a series of webinars for our customers and beta testers where we explained the features and benefits of Spire Maritime 2.0.

Our beta testing is in the early phases and the feedback has been encouraging. We’ve improved the quality of our data, integrated the latest technology, and built a more reliable, stable, and flexible API.

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Questions and answers

I use Vessels API and it limits me to asking for 300 vessels at a time when I specify a list of MMSI or IMO numbers. Does the new API have the same limit? / Currently the maximum number of mmsi numbers that you can fit in a single query is about 150, will there be an increase or is that maximum query length?

The default request body size limit is 100KB. This means that, without any other arguments, you may use a list of almost 10,000 MMSI numbers or 12,500 IMO numbers. During the testing phase, developers inserted lists of over 1600 MMSI numbers with no problem.

Is there any rate-limiting on Beta API (or maximum concurrent queries)?

Currently, there are no rate limits on GraphQL. The backend architecture has been rearchitected to scale and accommodate an increased frequency of requests, eliminating the need to enforce a rate limit of 30 requests per minute at this time. The ability to implement rate controls is still inherent in the system, but will only be employed if absolutely necessary.

When can we use this new GraphQL API in production?

GraphQL API is currently in the BETA testing phase. If you are interested in testing the software before the initial release which is planned for the beginning of fourth quarter, please feel free to contact us.

Compulsory auth token is the same as for the old API ?

As Spire is using a new administration system, new tokens will be issued to replace the ones currently being used. More details about this migration will be available closer to GA.

How long do we have to come off version 1.1 of the APIs?

Users will have between 9 and 12 months after Spire Maritime 2.0 is released to transfer to the updated software.

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