Summer wanderlust: Exploring Europe’s top seasonal summer hotspots

Welcome to a journey that will inspire your summer wanderlust and introduce you to the crème de la crème of seasonal hotspots in Europe.

As the temperatures rise and the world awakens to the sun’s warm embrace, it’s time to look into the most sought-after European summer destinations for travelers worldwide. We’ve delved into our space-based flight data for 2022 to bring you some fascinating insights. Let’s reveal the top three European countries that had a monthly maximum number of flights in either July or August of 20,000 or more, with a focus on the most popular one.


The most popular destination for the European summer vacation is all-time favorite Greece, beckoning travelers with a staggering 287,070 international flights, a number that rises nine times during the busy summer months compared to the lowest month of February. This is a vibrant testament to the allure of this Mediterranean gem, which sees the highest number of visitors in August.

Greece summer travel trends chart show August as the most popular month for flights

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Increase in flights during summer months:


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Busiest month:



Croatia emerges as a formidable contender, securing the second spot with over 55,150 international flights. As the summer months approach, the number of flights more than doubles, transforming this gem of the Adriatic into a bustling tourist destination. July reigns supreme as the busiest month to travel to Croatia.

Croatia monthly travel trends showing peak travel in July

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Increase in flights during summer months:


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Busiest month:



In a surprising twist, Albania takes place as Europe’s third most seasonable summer destination. With more than 25,530 international flights, the flight density during the summer months soars fivefold compared to the quieter seasons. The hidden gem is quickly unveiling itself to the growing number of travelers, the majority of whom decide to explore it during July.

Albania monthly travel trends showing peak travel in July

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Increase in flights during summer months:


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Busiest month:


Mapping the Greek air: Analyzing the most seasonal and high traffic journeys of the summer

As summer approaches, the Scandinavian countries alongside Czechia lead the way in opening their routes to eager flyers heading to Greece, with Rhodes, Corfu, and Kos among the top three destinations. But looking beyond the seasonal connections, which countries generate the highest inbound air traffic to this Mediterranean paradise? The UK, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Poland emerged as the frontrunners, sending a significant number of travelers to experience Greece’s wonders.

Most seasonal departure destinations:

Focus on Greece - top seasonal departure destinations shown as Denmark

Countries generating the highest traffic:

Focus on Greece - highest traffic destinations chart show UK and Germany on top

As the seasons change, so do the arrival airports frequented by eager travelers heading to Greece. During the summer months, Rhodes emerges as the top choice with over 30,930 travelers, followed by Corfu (21,090+), Kos (15,750+), Kasteli (11,110+), Santorini (10,600+), and Zakynthos (8690+) as the go-to arrival points for an unforgettable Greek adventure. Among the most seasonable connections are Rhodes to Israel and the UK, Corfu to the UK, and Chania to Denmark.

Most seasonal arrival airports:

Focus on Greece - seasonal traffic arrival airports pie chart show Rhodes as top arrival location

Arrival airports with the highest traffic:

Focus on Greece - Arrival airports with the highest traffic pie is shown as Athens

Athens is taking center stage as the Greek airport, facilitating seamless connections between the mainland and its diverse array of islands and international hubs. With over 96,420 arrivals, Athens solidifies its position as the essential gateway for travelers and generates the highest air traffic during the summer. It is no surprise that all the highest traffic routes are executed from Athens to neighboring countries like Larnaca or international connecting hubs like Paris, Heathrow, Rome, and Istanbul.

The second Greek arrival airport generating the highest traffic is Rhodes (30,930+), followed by Thessaloniki (26,760+), Heraklion (21,820+), Corfu (21,090+), Kos (15,750+), and Chania (15,580+).

Most seasonal routes

Rhodes – Tel Aviv
Rhodes – Gatwick
Chania – Copenhagen
Rhodes – Manchester

Highest traffic routes

Athens – Larnaca
Athens – Paris
Athens – Heathrow
Athens – Rome
Athens – Istanbul

Unlocking European summer travel patterns: A glimpse into Greek airport choices

Our analysis of the data also revealed intriguing airport preferences among European countries. German and Scandinavian travelers can’t seem to get enough of the iconic beauty of Crete, while Brits have a soft spot for the charm of Corfu. Most Europeans, on the other hand, gravitate towards the buzzing capital of Athens and the vibrant vibes of Rhodes. These favorite Greek airports highlight the diverse tastes and preferences of European travelers.

Favorite Greek airports by countries:

Greek airports map showing the most popular seasonable departure airports

Among the most seasonable departure airports connecting to the preferred islands are Birmingham, Helsinki, Bristol, Oslo, and Billund, meaning they increase their connections or start operating in Greece during the summer. Looking at the European airports bringing in the most traffic, we can find among the top 5 the traditional hubs like Gatwick, Munich, Amsterdam, Manchester, and Paris.

Most seasonal departure airports:

Focus on Greece - top seasonal departure airports chart shown as Birmingham

Departure airports with the highest traffic:

Focus on Greece - Departure airports with the highest traffic chart shown as Gatwick

Based on space-based insights like these travelers, airlines and the tourism industry can optimize their schedules, cater to peak demand, and enhance the overall travel experience, while travelers gain valuable insights for planning their Greek escapades. It’s all about transforming data into remarkable travel experiences!

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