Navigating the Future: Revolutionizing Maritime Operations with Trabus

Trabus Technologies, a pioneering technology company, is transforming the maritime industry with its innovative AI-based approach to voyage planning. Their tool, RippleGo, is an AI-based voyage planner designed specifically for inland waterways.

By harnessing the power of machine learning and predictive analytics, Trabus provides real-time informed decision-making, setting itself apart from competitors and bringing numerous benefits to the maritime industry.

Trabus Technologies, based in San Diego, California, was founded by Art Salindong. With expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, wireless communications, cybersecurity, and professional services for the federal government, Trabus has become a leader in technology solutions. While initially serving federal government and maritime stakeholders, Trabus has expanded its expertise to various sectors, including Navy ship maintenance, voting analysis, and oil refinery turnaround scheduling.

Unlocking the Power of AI and Machine Learning

Art Salindong firmly believes in the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the maritime industry. Trabus Technologies aims to revolutionize voyage planning by leveraging the predictive capabilities offered by AI and ML. Their goal is to shift the industry from reactive to proactive decision-making. In an industry where accurate and reliable maritime vessel information is crucial for operational and economic efficiency, Trabus recognizes the significance of reliable data in developing tools that synchronize intermodal supply chain operations and reduce inefficiencies.

Trabus Technologies differentiates itself from competitors through its advanced AI-based approach to voyage planning. While others rely on traditional methods, Trabus utilizes analytical tools that forecast river and travel time conditions, providing valuable insights for navigation decisions. With their tool, Trabus significantly reduces voyage planning time from hours to minutes, offering operators critical safety and navigation information in real-time. By incorporating Spire’s high-quality and extensive AIS data into their predictive models, Trabus ensures the delivery of accurate and reliable navigation and maritime safety information.

Harnessing the Power of AI and Historical AIS Data

RippleGo, Trabus Technologies’ pioneering AI-based voyage planner for inland waterways, has transformed the industry by leveraging Historical AIS (Automatic Identification System) data provided by Spire Maritime. The extensive historical data serves as the foundation for training their machine learning models. Combined with real-time feeds from Spire, this data empowers RippleGo to maintain unparalleled situational awareness and provide accurate predictions on crucial maritime parameters, including estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the final destination, ETA at various waypoints along the route, under-keel clearance, water levels, and bridge air gaps.

Trabus Technologies has developed an intuitive and user-friendly application that enables operators and ship captains to make well-informed decisions during voyages. The predictive tool, powered by Spire Maritime’s data, not only provides the estimated time of arrival at the final destination but also offers ETA at various waypoints along the route. This invaluable information enables operators to navigate through bridges, locks, and challenging river conditions such as fog or haze, while preventing accidents and optimizing their journey.

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With Trabus’ optimized predictive models and the reliable data from Spire, Trabus achieves nearly 100% operational availability, consistently meeting customer commitments. Moreover, the accurate time travel predictions and water level forecasts, with an accuracy rate exceeding 90%, have significantly improved operational efficiency, preventing collisions and groundings. This has led to economic benefits, as vessels can now optimize their revenue streams through improved scheduling, fuel savings, and reduced stagnant time at ports and harbors.

Considering the risks associated with inadequate and unreliable data sources, Spire Maritime has become an indispensable part of Trabus Technologies’ operations. Spire’s data coverage, real-time feeds, and situational awareness support multiple use cases across industries, making them a trusted partner for maritime industry stakeholders.

The Spire Advantage

Art Salindong emphasizes the crucial role played by Spire Maritime in enabling Trabus Technologies to deliver exceptional results. Before collaborating with Spire, Trabus faced challenges in obtaining good quality historical AIS information with wide geographic coverage. However, Spire stepped in and provided an abundance of reliable data spanning many years, ensuring the accuracy of Trabus’ algorithms. The longer historical information, superior data quality, and comprehensive geographic coverage offered by Spire became the foundation for Trabus’ optimized predictive models and improved outcomes.

He also recommends Spire Maritime to all maritime industry stakeholders seeking enhanced situational awareness and denotes that Trabus Technologies eagerly looks forward to a long-term partnership with Spire Maritime, continuing to enhance the RippleGo project and deliver impactful solutions to the maritime community.

The benefits extend far beyond operational efficiency, accident prevention, and revenue optimization. As Trabus continues to innovate and leverage Spire Maritime’s cutting-edge solutions, the future looks promising, shaping the trajectory of the maritime industry like never before.

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