Innovative Customer Spotlight: Gravity Supply Chain digitalizes supply chains – from start to finish

Our customers constantly amaze us with their innovative approach to industry solutions and out-of-the-box ideas to build a better planet. This month’s Innovative Customer Spotlight is on Gravity Supply Chain and how their real-time visibility and execution platform is connecting and digitizing companies that work within the supply chain.

Aerial shots of vessels stacked up waiting to enter the Port of Long Beach are everywhere. Supply chain challenges have become the subject of everyday conversations around the globe. We’re all planning slower than expected delivery times for holiday gifts and watching and waiting to see how this story plays out. One company, Gravity Supply Chain, has been providing supply chain transparency through a digitized platform for nearly a decade and their solution is more relevant now than ever.

Gravity Supply Chain provides supply chain management solutions that deliver visibility across the supply network, allowing users to view the live status of products no matter where they are. Whether in production, transit, or inventory – Gravity Supply Chain solutions allow you to respond to events and minimize disruptions.

“I think we can all agree on how complex the supply chain can be, especially when we’re dealing with the unpredictability of the current climate, The biggest issues we see our clients facing is that they are unable to maintain performance in times of disruption.”

Gavin Webber
Chief Product Officer at Gravity Supply Chain

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Gravity Supply Chain’s suite of applications enables shippers, logistics providers, and manufacturers to access information that tracks movements from product concept to sourcing to receipt at the destination warehouse. This information builds a full picture of the supply chain network that enables an immediate response to events and helps simplify business-critical decisions that mitigate disruption and maintain performance.

Businesses are unique and so are their challenges

From third-party logistics providers to freight forwarders and shippers, each face a unique set of challenges based on their circumstances. Gravity Supply Chain solutions take a customer service-driven approach and tap Gravity Supply Chain’s breadth of industry experience to understand pain points and deliver solutions that solve challenges.
Changing consumer demand cycles require quick action

One of the great lessons of 2020 was that demand cycles change rapidly, which require an immediate response to stay ahead of disruptions. For example, Gravity Supply Chain worked with a retail client to digitally enhance its supply chain to respond to a changing consumer demand cycle. The retail client needed to address their customers’ needs quickly in order to maintain customer loyalty and protect retention rates. Gravity Supply Chain provided a dynamic platform enabling all stakeholders to collaborate – including vendors, agents, and logistics providers. The platform helped the retailer achieve a data-driven supply chain that informed on insightful decisions about customer demands and the results were impressive:

  • A 30% reduction in lead time from product concept to stores (25 weeks)
  • 91% full sell-through of seasonal ranges, up from 88%
  • A 32% reduction in the cash conversion cycle

A flat hierarchy keeps ideas flowing

New ideas and open communication are central values at Gravity Supply Chain. The company utilizes a flat hierarchy structure to ensure open and transparent communication with autonomy throughout. This agile way of working encourages teams to innovate and bring fresh new ideas and approaches to an industry thirsty for change.

While creating new and innovative solutions has its challenges, the Gravity Supply Chain team keeps motivated and inspired through learning and future goal planning. Contact Gravity Supply Chain to learn more about their solutions and services or request a free demo.

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