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Sep 27, 2015

First of many: Beginning of first ever commercial weather network satellites to reach orbit

We have a lot of firsts at Spire. To name two that we’re particularly proud of - Ardusat-1 was the first crowdfunded satellite to launch and the first satellite to go from idea to space in 12 months. Today we have added a couple more firsts. With the successful deployment of four Lemur-2 cubesats we became the first US cubesats to ever launch from India, and began deployment for the world’s first commercial weather satellite network.

If all of those firsts were not enough, our network of satellites will soon provide the most up to date understanding of global trade that has ever existed, offering satellite-based ship tracking of commercial vessels over the world’s oceans that are today only sparsely covered by some level of satellite intelligence.

Spire’s operations team, at the heart of our mission control, is already hard at work. At 24-minutes post launch, our first satellite was deployed from the rocket, followed in quick succession by the remaining three satellites. Our team will spend the next hours and days identifying our satellites (non-trivial when you are released amongst a group of satellites), running core system checks, and preparing to deliver meaningful customer data.

Also important at this stage will be our global ground station network. We deploy ground stations to far flung locations around the world so that we can be prepared for just this occasion, able to pick up and communicate with our network of satellites in a near continuous fashion. Our network continues to evolve and our team, which operates 24-hours per day/ 6-days per week out of our three global offices, is ready for this launch and the onslaught of launches coming just on the heels of today’s success.

This is what we intended from day 1 — to launch a constellation of data collecting satellites that impact the entire world. The combination of ship tracking and weather data will do just that, leaving virtually no part of the global economy untouched.

Today, we are raising our glasses to LEMUR2-PETER, LEMUR2-JOEL, LEMUR2-JEROEN, and LEMUR2-CHRIS. Soon we'll be raising glasses for the rest of our team members, each with their own Lemur to be launched in the coming months ahead, and each contributing to our mission of solving truly global problems.

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