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Supply Chain & Logistics

Data-first supply chain and logistics firms can't depend on 3PL data alone. Instead, you need accurate data from a reliable source that is frequently updated and provides visibility of goods in transit, thus ensuring no gaps or inaccuracies in the visibility you can offer to your customers. AIS data, specifically, satellite AIS data picks up signals from ships across the world’s marine channels enabling your customers to track their cargo across the high-seas, not just port arrivals and departures.
The Pace is Increasing

Global Vessel Traffic

The Pace is Increasing - image

Global ship traffic tracks collected by Spire perfectly illustrates the challenge that the supply chain and its customers face.

Losses Are Real

There were 260 major natural disasters in 2016, creating an economic loss of $211 billion.

World Trade Carried by Sea
> 90%
US Imports Carried by Plane (by Value)
Satellite AIS Changes The Game

Many organizations, some of which may surprise you, are already using satellite AIS data from Spire to make a difference to both the world and their bottom line. 

Complexity is the Norm

The daily flow of goods around the globe is a composite operation. Ships and planes provide a critical link but the entire process starts and ends far from a shore or an airport, and can be affected by outside factors like weather in extreme ways.

By combining maritime domain awareness, aviation surveillance, and weather data to machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms, your customers can make better decisions based on reduced risk and increased transparency. Spire can help provide predictive early weather warnings of en-route risks that can be resolved, mitigated, or communicated in the most efficient way possible.

Case Study


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Fusing electronic data interchange (EDI) and Satellite AIS data. How ClearMetal is modernizing maritime logistics by providing port alerts 31 hours faster.

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