We hear you, Earth.

The space company focused on the future of Planet EarthTM

Spire harnesses the world’s largest constellation of 100+ multipurpose satellites to hear land, sea, and air to accelerate global commerce and to enable organizations to make smarter, better, faster decisions in a rapidly changing world impacted by climate change.
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See, talk, listen.

When you listen, you observe. When you hear, you listen, observe, absorb, understand, and act.

Using the world’s largest multipurpose constellation of 100+ “listening” satellites in space, Spire does both, and that reliably delivers smarter, more actionable data than satellites that only see or talk.

Through Spire’s constellation, we hear all aspects of Earth’s heartbeat. We hear it breathe, laugh, and cry. From the white capped ocean wave to its highest most magical cloud, to the dirt that girds our path forward, Spire listens to Earth. Spire hears data about Earth, that was previously unattainable, and more accurate. All businesses are affected by weather and the impacts of extreme events driven by climate change. Through historical, present observations and accurate weather forecasts, Spire helps businesses weather the storm of climate change. We listen. Hear. Act. All to help build a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all humans, and help save property, lives, and the very Pale Blue Dot we call home – the only one we have.



Listening satellites

Spire’s Technology Difference series

Find out the foundation of Spire’s core technology pillars and differentiators, and hear from CEO Peter Platzer on how some problems can only be solved from space.

A key component that makes Spire’s satellites different is that they’re software-defined, meaning they can constantly be updated once they’re in orbit.

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Maritime Weather Data: What it is and why you need it

Our Maritime Weather Data was built to boost your strategy, keep your crew and cargo safe, and add value to your organization’s planning.

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Oldendorff ship at sea
Improving Fuel Usage Estimates With Better Weather Data

Oldendorff was able to improve their fuel consumption simulation model and calculate paths that consumed the least amount of fuel with Spire Weather

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The role of weather data in the fight against climate change

Learn how the weather today influences the climate and your business for generations to come.

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A message from our CEO

“We made our satellites multi-purpose. So that means that every single individual device is serving multiple verticals and multiple industries because it has multiple sensors tracking completely different data. They are listening satellites. They generally use radio frequency to observe previously unattainable and accurate information about the Earth.”

Peter Platzer
Chief Executive Officer, President and Director – Spire Global
Industry solutions

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We’re revolutionizing how marine data is collected, analyzed, and delivered. Get detailed information on vessel locations, weather conditions, and global shipping activity—even in remote locations on the open ocean. Our innovations around AIS data and high traffic zones solve the toughest industry challenges, while our intelligent APIs bring new insights to your maritime operations.

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Weather & Climate

Unleash the power of cutting-edge satellite technology to enrich data on hundreds of environmental factors, enabling the creation of custom predictive models for accurate, real-time Earth monitoring and decision-making support. Spire combines detailed, real-time weather and environmental data from across the globe, utilizing both ground and satellite sources for unparalleled insight. This approach offers a comprehensive view of atmospheric conditions and weather patterns, even in the most challenging locations.

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Spire Aviation is a reliable source for historical flight data, ADS-B tracking and detailed weather data that makes aviation safer and more efficient.

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Space Services

Get superior data for your initiatives without building your own space-based infrastructure from scratch. Commission custom-manufactured satellites based on our proven LEMUR 2 satellite model, launch hosted payloads to get your own hardware reliably to orbit, or simply rely on Spire’s space-to-cloud data services that collect and transform rich data about the earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere and share it via easy-to-use APIs.

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Spire government solutions provide mission-critical satellite data to drive global and US Federal government and defense initiatives. Our APIs and tailored datasets provide highly accurate maritime, aviation, and weather data, giving you actionable intelligence about Earth, its environment, and its global shipping and aviation activity.

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