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AIS for defense analytics

Reliable, real-time maritime data for enhanced situational awareness and smarter decision-making when every second counts.

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The ocean is the chessboard where every move matters

Make key decisions and rapidly respond to emergencies with granular data collected from even the most remote, guarded areas. Our defense & security-tailored portfolio is built for peak situational awareness and speed.

  • Eliminate your blind spots with groundbreaking accuracy and coverage even in high traffic zones and remote areas. Over 80 million AIS messages daily through our AIS message and vessels data feeds.
  • Make decisions faster. Only constellation providing real-time AIS on the market, with latency of less than 1 minute.
  • Investigate suspicious ship movements at sea with the confidence of independently calculated vessel locations validated by over 650k AIS events daily. Enabling you to filter out “friendly” ships and respond earlier to potential bad actors.
  • Save time and money when dispatching surveillance assets. Reduce the need for routine patrol missions.
  • Increase your predictive capabilities by leveraging our global archive of vessel movements and patterns with over 100B AIS messages dating back to 2010.

Configure your AIS data solution

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Our defense data portfolio

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Real-time AIS data

The highest-frequency AIS data empowers you to track in real-time the world’s shipping activities.

Real-time AIS

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AIS Position Validation

Advanced RF signal-based vessel detection & tracking to validate vessels’ positions.

AIS Position Validation

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Standard AIS

Unrivaled ocean coverage, data quality, and developer-friendly AIS APIs with Standard AIS.

Standard AIS

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Historical AIS data

Historical AIS vessel tracking data going back to 2011, delivered via fast APIs or one-time downloads.

Historical AIS

A trusted partner for your most critical missions

Best in class support including:

  • Continuous Support (live technical and customer support, including onboarding and developer documentation)
  • Accessible through Modern APIs designed by developers, for developers
  • Easy integration with support from dedicated Spire engineers
  • 24/7 global satellite coverage
  • Wide array of digital resources

Stay Secure:

  • Our robust, redundant, and secure architecture is continuously hardened and updated.

Configure your AIS data solution

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Learn more about how our solutions make a meaningful difference for the defense community

Kerch bridge across the Kerch Strait
The use of Spire Maritime AIS data to uncover real-world maritime incidents with tactical and strategic implications 

Geollect (a Roke Company) uses multiple data sets to maintain world-class Maritime Situational Awareness on behalf of its customers.

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The Red Sea crisis: tracking the volatile security situation

The deteriorating Red Sea security situation caused by Houthi attacks and hijackings on commercial vessels has led to several major companies in the maritime and oil industries, to shy away from the Red Sea, and instead use the much longer, and costly route around Africa.

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How Position Validation is changing the insights into AIS and helping to solve dark vessel detection

AIS Position Validation is the advanced Radio Frequency signal-based solution leveraging the unique real time coverage offered by the Spire satellite constellation providing continuous global coverage to validate vessel positions, whether vessels are near-shore or in mid-ocean.

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