Leading Airline Industry Platform ch-aviation Selects Spire Global for a Long-Term Agreement to Provide Global Aircraft Fleet and Airline Operational Performance Insights

The Company’s space-based live and historical flight data will enhance ch-aviation’s aircraft fleet data, providing actionable insights for the aviation industry

VIENNA, Va., April 6, 2023 — Spire Global, Inc. (NYSE: SPIR) (Spire or the Company), a leading global provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, has entered into a long-term agreement with Switzerland-based ch-aviation to supply global flight analytics and insights that will enhance its airline intelligence database.

The agreement includes access to Spire’s daily Flight Report, which aggregates hundreds of millions of satellite and terrestrial ADS-B positions to provide actionable flight, aircraft and airline metadata. Spire’s Flight Report detects both scheduled and unscheduled flights occurring in real-time across the globe, including in remote regions where terrestrial data services and traditional radar and radio systems are not effective.

ch-aviation will integrate Spire’s satellite data with its own to derive insights on aircraft utilization, provide post-departure passenger capacity based on actual seat configurations flown, track wet-lease contracts and aircraft at MRO providers, automatically update an aircraft’s status and location, and allow users to create flight reports using fleet data criteria.

Combining ch-aviation’s extensive fleet data with Spire Global’s satellite-based ADS-B data will create a wide range of immediately actionable insights, updated daily, said Thomas Jaeger, Founder and CEO of ch-aviation. It will allow MRO providers to track aircraft maintained by competitors, lessors to monitor their assets, airlines to benchmark their operational performance relative to competitors, and charter brokers to see which contracts they missed out on — providing a whole new dimension to the market intelligence ch-aviation makes available to the industry.

Global markets, business and society are heavily intertwined with and dependent on the aviation industry, from the $6 trillion in trade transported by air to the billions of passengers that rely on commercial airlines to get them to their destinations each year, said Philip Plantholt, General Manager of Spire Aviation. We’re proud to work with ch-aviation to ensure that the entire airline ecosystem receives the global flight analytics and insights needed to make strategic business decisions, achieve operational efficiency, and improve safety and sustainability.

Spire’s flight analytics and insights will be integrated via ch-aviation’s online platform and data feeds, allowing customers to integrate the data into their business intelligence, reporting or CRM systems to make more strategic business decisions.

Learn more about Spire’s space-based global flight and aviation insights at https://spire.com/aviation/global-flight-and-aviation-insights/.

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