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Our plug and play experience lets you access our unique AIS data archive of industry segmented data sets

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We’re revolutionizing how maritime data is collected, analyzed, and delivered. Our innovations, like Dynamic AIS™, solve industry challenges and give our customers a competitive advantage. We build intelligent APIs that are easy to use, predictive, and customized to your needs.

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Spire Aviation is solving the needs of the aviation and logistics industries. Our enhanced position data fills gaps in areas out of reach of existing ADS-B data collection. With more than 130,000,000 position reports a day from over land and sea, we can customize a data set to suit your needs.

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Earth Information

Spire uses its satellites to collect data from beneath the earth’s surface to the edge of the atmosphere. This rich data set is available to support research and development projects. You can experience our data and apply it to your unique use cases in a number of different ways.

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“Maritime risk takes many forms, including piracy, weather, and traffic density, and Spire’s increasingly dense network of satellites and easily integrated software tools create key geospatial analytics in the ESRI partner ecosystem. These tools will become even more critical in the future as machine-assisted navigation and autonomous shipping come to the forefront of industry innovation.”

Guy Noll
Guy Noll
Geodata Services Department Manager, Esri

Improving the world,
one satellite at a time.

We build and own our satellites. Our hardware and software are constantly evolving and we launch more satellites each year.

At Spire, we believe smarter satellites and more ground stations mean better coverage and higher quality data for our customers. Our mission is to solve challenges across multiple industries with our easy to use APIs. Spire monitors signals that can only be detected from space and we’re constantly broadening our reach.


  • Software-defined

    We use programmable sensors to collect data and we re-program these sensors while in obit to make sure our customers are receiving cutting edge information. Applying Moore’s Law to space, we make sure Spire’s sensors are as up to date as the latest cellphone.

  • Fast and iterative

    Spire upgrades the satellite hardware with each iteration and performs continuous software updates with a major hardware upgrade every 2-3 years. That means Spire can deploy custom sensors to orbit faster than anyone else in the industry.

  • Global

    Spire collects data where no one else can. We capture radio frequencies in remote and inaccessible locations where ground-based receivers can’t reach. With operations all over the world, Spire maintains 24/7 coverage of the Earth.

Spire data works with the platforms you already use

Spire’s APIs allow developers to easily search and customize the data they need for research and operations. For maritime data, an agency can look up a specific vessel or region for unusual activity. Spire even offers fully processed GPS-RO weather data through an easy to use API where an agricultural company can use our forecasts to better plan their operations. Aircraft operators also get the same level of filtering.

Custom needs? Don’t worry. Tell us more about your visualization needs.


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You can experience our data and apply it to your unique use cases in a number of different ways. Determining the value of data varies greatly depending on your desired business outcomes and what information you want to prioritize. Start working with our data today to improve your decision-making tomorrow.