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    Delivering the freshest data from every ocean on Earth directly to those that need it most

    We live in a connected world. The dry parts of it anyway. Most of our planet is covered by oceans, and the vastness of Earth's oceans are data deadzones. Further than 50 nautical miles from any coastline, the connection to our modern world is severed. Today's tracking systems for ships leave mariners and the cargo they protect vulnerable, and let illegal activity go unchecked. From the exploitation of protected fishing territories to the trafficking of illegal goods and hijacking of legitimate business cargo, clandestine activity is a real threat to anyone that relies on maritime transport. Spire Sense is altering the playing field, providing more than 4-times the frequency of readings over all oceans on Earth, and delivering fresh data multiple times per hour.

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  • Spire stratos

    High fidelity weather data from the largest network of weather satellites

    It's not good enough to simply accept that over 30 percent of the U.S. GDP, or $5.7 trillion, is impacted by weather and climate. A slightly different hurricane trajectory, a drought that lasts 2-days longer than expected, or temperatures a mere degree or two below average for a sustained period of time can have a demonstrable impact. The best way to understand our climate is through data - both historical and current. Spire satellites log high fidelity data profiles for temperature, pressure and humidity across the entire planet. That data, when placed into meteorological models, brings unprecedented accuracy to forecasting.

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Think Global, Act Global

While the technical delivery of data may be the same in Japan as it is in the US, the customer experience is not one-size-fits-all. Spire is a truly global company with three offices separated by oceans and staffed by team members representing more than twelve distinct countries. With us, you'll notice global service with unparalleled regional understanding.

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