Airlines are ramping up activity in Europe

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The fallow season for aviation has passed. The first green shoots appear among European low cost carriers

This data story uses satellite and terrestrial ADS-B data.

The travel lockdown wiped out the demand for global air travel. Spire Aviation data focuses on specific airlines for a deeper, more granular look at this crisis. Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline with its head quarters in Budapest. It is Central and Eastern Europe’s largest ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC). Wizz Air, like Easy Jet, is an all Airbus operator. It has over 110 aircraft in its fleet.

Wizz Air flights on June 6th

Use the image above with the slider to discover the flights operated by Wizz Air on the first Saturday of May and June. The number of aircraft operated by Wizz Air is estimated to have doubled between the same dates, from 16 on May 2nd to 32 on June 6th.

Wizz Air operations on May 2nd

Wizz Air operations on June 6th

Spire Aviation data caught the decline and continues to chart the gradual upswing in the coming months. Away in the Middle East, huge portions of airline fleets including A380, A350 and B777s were grounded across this timeline. Whereas, the 3 largest airlines in China had already grounded the majority of their fleet weeks earlier.

It was a deadly winter for aviation, which saw all airlines severely impacted. Data now shows the darkest hour has passed and we now see some of the airlines on the long path to recovery.

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