Port Closure Creates Massive Delays, Impacts Supply Chains

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The partial closure of Shenzen’s Yantian port has resulted in traffic congestion, shipping delays, and carriers scrambling to reroute vessels. The embattled port last week announced a COVID-19 outbreak resulting in a partial shutdown. Carriers like Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd rerouted vessels away from Yantian, which serves about 100 ships a week, in an attempt to ward off shipping delays. The bustling port is ranked as one of the busiest ports in the world.

This shutdown impacts already struggling supply chains as it will cause delivery delays.

As containers pile up at the Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT), experts are predicting continued terminal congestion and vessel delays of seven to eight days in the coming week.

Our Data Tracks the Situation

We used our Spire Analytics platform to monitor vessel traffic and average time in port and found a more than 72% decline in port traffic from the previous week and an increase in waiting times of 99%.

We will continue to monitor port traffic and see how this story unfolds. Sign up for a free trial of our Analytics platform to get firsthand experience using our data and read more about it in our blog. Our data tells many stories and we can customize a data set to tell yours–contact us!

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