Voyage Optimization

Revolutionize your navigation with multi-objective Voyage Optimization

Powered by Theyr

Maximize your operational efficiency by receiving recommended vessel route
options based on your vessel-specific constraints and their desired outcome.

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Optimize your routes for multiple objectives simultaneously

Spire Voyage Optimization, powered by Theyr, combines advanced space-powered weather forecasting, high fidelity ship models, and smart navigable routes to optimize voyage recommendations.

Cut your fuel and carbon emissions by 5 to 10%

With Spire’s Voyage Optimization solution, you can optimize your routes simultaneously for multiple objectives based on your priorities.

Pareto front optimal solutions

1000 voyage options with customer’s selectable objectives

Minimize fuel

Lowest fuel consumption

Best time

Optimal route in terms of voyage duration, contracted cruising speed, and/or variable speed.

Best TCE

Time charter equivalent


Just in time arrival


CO2 emissions


Fixed speed, RPM & Power


Flexible departure and arrival time windows

Shipping weather forecast by route illustration

How does it work?

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ship iconBring your ship model or use a generic one provided by default (better ship models = better optimization results)

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globe points iconEnter your desired route, your vessel constraints, daily operating costs, expected fuel costs, and as many other details as you have.

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Spire Voyage Optimization provides recommended routes based on many objectives, such as Best TCE, Lowest Fuel, Just In Time Arrival, Lowest CO2 Emissions, trim Loading conditions and more.

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route iconExport your recommended route as a RTZ file and send to the ship captain for ingestion into the bridge navigation system.

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A seamless partnership with Theyr AI-driven multi-objective voyage optimization

Merging Theyr’s TVOS routing engine with our space-powered weather data, Spire Weather’s offering the world’s first multiobjective voyage optimization solution.

Spire Weather and Theyr, a leading maritime technology company, have teamed up to provide optimized routes for safer navigation and efficient fuel consumption in the maritime industry. Our solution combines advanced weather forecasting and innovative engine for precise and up-to-date route recommendations. Join us in creating a sustainable future through technology.


Ships sailing at sea

Reduce your carbon footprint by:

Adding unlimited objectives to Spire’s Voyage Optimization solution

Integrating several parameters into complex calculations

Assigning vessel-specific constraints to your routing parameters

Obtaining the most optimal voyage path based on multiple objectives

Backed by a decade of research and development

Optimize your shipping operations with Spire’s Voyage Optimization solution, powered by advanced satellite technology. With unparalleled global coverage, Spire collects weather observations from all over the Earth to generate weather forecasts that power this next-generation routing solution.

Developed through 10+ years of research in collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute and the University of Southampton, Theyr’s multi-objective engine is a sophisticated and effective tool.

By utilizing Spire’s Voyage Optimization, you have the potential to reduce fuel and carbon emissions by 5-10%, cutting costs and improving CII ratings. Bring your own vessel models to the API can enhance its accuracy even further.

To learn more about our actionable intelligence solutions, download your whitepaper for more product information.

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Customer testimonials

Our weather data making an impact in the real world

“The volume of data, flexibility and support we get from Spire’s weather team is unmatched. We are thrilled to be working with industry leaders as we continue to innovate and build toward a greener, more sustainable future.”

Luc Terral
Co-founder – BluePulse

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“Syroco EfficientShip’s digital twins leverage Spire’s Voyage Optimization Solution to create customized routings, that optimise fuel consumption and sailing time, without compromise.”

Alex Caizergues
CEO & Co-founder – Syroco

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“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Søren Meyer
CEO – ZeroNorth

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Customized solutions for your specific needs

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Voyage Optimization

We deliver multi-objective, data-driven voyage optimization solutions that can be tailored for your specific goal including cost reduction, time optimization, and fuel usage.

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Vessel Performance

Our vessel performance solution leverages analytics and satellite data to optimize the efficiency and operations of maritime vessels, resulting in less fuel usage, better engine performance, and overall sustainability.

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Weather Monitoring

Our weather monitoring services provide customized data reporting and analytical capabilities, allowing you to focus on key data and make informed decisions on how to proceed with your maritime operations.

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