Bringing transparency to maritime trade with Vessel Characteristics

Spire Maritime is at the forefront of using data to provide customers in the shipping market with actionable information that increases transparency and improves trade flows. The addition of Vessel Characteristics information to our AIS data creates an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders to benefit from enhanced intelligence for commercial, safety and analysis uses.

Bringing transparency to maritime trade

Post-pandemic maritime trade patterns are complex and volatile, with supply chains under increasing pressure and flows subject to disruption.

The uncertainty makes it more important than ever to access timely and accurate information on vessel position and activity, global trading patterns and port congestion.

To provide the maritime industry with a clearer view of the maritime landscape, Spire Maritime created Vessel Characteristic Data in Maritime 2.0, adding more vessel-specific information to its market-leading satellite-AIS service.
Vessel Characteristics makes it possible to pinpoint vessels and drill down to specific data to gain insights into vessel design, cargo capacity and arrangement, whether the ship is laden or in ballast, its ownership history, propulsion, flag registration and class status.

The resulting transparency has multiple applications. For example, it will enable shipowners and charterers to better understand market conditions when making ship fixing decisions. It will enable regulatory agencies to improve visibility for safety and environmental monitoring. Finally, it will enable supply chain analysts and logistics providers to understand the value and volume of cargo in transit and awaiting discharge or loading.

The range and variety of data available to Vessel Characteristics users supports smarter decisions, whether for chartering, trade analysis, environmental monitoring or enforcement. Together, we can make shipping smarter.

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