Unlocking the power of AI in maritime shipping with voyage optimization

Discover how cutting-edge AI-powered solutions revolutionize voyage planning and optimization, enhancing efficiency, fuel savings, and profitability.

Seafarers have long relied on traditional “weather routing” techniques to traverse the high seas.

Legacy weather routing was reactive and involved planning voyages based on historical weather patterns and forecasts, and then adjusting to the actual conditions based on the captain and crew’s experience.

However, with climate change increasing the frequency of extreme weather events, the industry realized the importance of embracing proactive weather routing methodologies that ensure better safety, higher profitability, and lower emissions.

This is where AI-powered voyage optimization solutions such as the one offered by DeepSea Technologies, in collaboration with Spire Global’s satellite-powered weather data, fill in the gap.

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  • Understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasing the accuracy and reliability of weather forecasts
  • Realize how Spire’s maritime weather data is steering the maritime industry towards a greener future through a real life use case presented in partnership with DeepSea Technologies

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