Employee Spotlight: Dil Dzhabbarova, Senior Compensation and Benefits Analyst

Dil Dzhabbarova

What’s your role?

As a member of the Total Rewards team, I am responsible for all the things that we reward our employees with. We work on analyzing data trends in the markets our employees are in so we can position these rewards to be as competitive as possible in each market. This means everything from negotiating rates with our vendors so we can get more for our employees to determining salary bands. We also complete many of the compliance reporting requirements. Most days have a lot of spreadsheets!

Describe your journey to Spire.

I actually did not know about Spire before joining! I had been in the HR field for a few years and was looking to be a contract worker for a while. I was connected to Spire through a staffing agency for what was supposed to be a temporary position in the San Francisco office as an HR Advisor. At that time, we had about 150 people across three continents. I fell in love with the team, the fast pace of work, and what Spire was striving to do to improve the world — and here we are, nearly four years later. I love seeing how Spire has grown in that time and the many improvements that have been made to our people processes and team structure.

What keeps you busy outside of work?

I bought a house this year so a lot of the time I have outside of work has been spent on renovations and upgrades like a fully gutted and remodeled bathroom, and installing French doors in the master bedroom. I like to do CrossFit and am super close to my deadlift goal weight of 300 lbs (my current deadlift is at 287 lbs). I also love animals and volunteer with local shelters as a cat foster. I take young kittens who need a place to stay and raise them until they are old enough for adoption. The last litter I fostered had six kittens, and I got them when they were just two days old with their little eyes still closed.

What’s something unique about you that most people don’t know?

I was born in Russia and immigrated to the US when I was seven years old, but I am not Russian in my heritage. I am Siberian Tatar, who are an indigenous nomadic peoples that spanned from Mongolia to Turkey and settled in Siberia. It is currently estimated that there are only 100,000 Siberian Tatars in the world.

What Spire value do you relate to the most?

I really like the value of Collaborative. While a lot of my work does have individualized components, pretty much everything needs collaboration with others on the People team or with those on the Legal and Finance/Accounting teams. Getting to interact with a wide variety of people at Spire makes the day more fun and ensures the methods we take on are covering all considerations.

What is a project that you have worked on that makes you particularly proud?

Implementations are not something we always get to do but I really enjoy doing them. It’s fun to help make our systems talk to each other and determine how processes will work within those systems. Just recently we implemented a system called Motivosity that is designed to foster appreciation and recognition across Spire. Not only is it a place where you can show your appreciation for the people you work with, it also has a simplified version of a Myers-Briggs personality test on your profile that then will tell you how your work style melds with someone else in the company.

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