Introducing Maritime Means…, the podcast featuring digital innovators in the maritime industry

Maritime Means… is the brand new Spire Maritime podcast hosted by Blythe Brumleve featuring digital innovators and maritime stars moving the industry forward. Listen to their stories, experiences and expertise.

We always thrive to put remarkable people in the spotlight. For a while now we have been awarding Maritime Stars to extraordinary people in the maritime industry and we have been showcasing Maritime Innovators with their groundbreaking work. But we want to go further and give people in the maritime industry a voice.

The voice of maritime innovators

And so, we are thrilled to introduce our new podcast, “Maritime Means…”. What is the meaning of maritime, by the way? A quick search in the dictionary teaches us that it’s an adjective that describes things relating to the sea, ships, and navigation, or things living near the sea.

But as you might have guessed, the maritime industry is so much more. It impacts the livelihoods of nearly every person on our planet. From the fuel that powers your car, to the food on your table, to the bike you ride to work – most of it has been transported via the oceans. The maritime industry is an ancient trade, but it is changing, and to keep up to date with the changes, we will – as the title of this blog post suggests – be hosting digital innovators and maritime stars moving the industry forward, and bring you their stories, experiences and expertise.

Early access is now available

The official launch date of “Maritime Means…” is on Tuesday 13th September 2022. But you can already start listening to the first three episodes. Visit the “Maritime Means…” website and get early access.

Start listening

“Maritime Means…” deep dives into maritime stories

A great podcast starts with a great host. And we are proud to welcome Blythe Brumleve as the host of “Maritime Means…”. Blythe will talk to the people shaping the maritime industry and deep dive into their stories. Stories about innovation, stories about people, stories about emotions, stories about history, politics, economy, and trade.

Blythe Brumleve has over 10 years of experience in the logistics industry, but is most of all a seasoned digital marketer. She has a history of holding roles with B2B marketing agencies, and she is an on-air radio and TV talent. As a founder of Digital Dispatch she helps freight companies get online and grow. Blythe has an ocean of talent when it comes to making podcasts come alive.

A monthly episode ready for streaming on all major platforms

The first three episodes of “Maritime Means…” will officially be available for streaming on all major podcast platforms from the 13th September 2022. Every month, we will release an exciting new episode. So keep an eye out for Blythe’s first series of conversations with Nidhi Gupta (co-founder and CEO of Portcast), Sal Mercogliano (Maritime historian), Chris Aversano (Product Manager at Q88), John Konrad (founder and CEO of gCaptain) and Lori Ann LaRocco (American journalist and Senior Editor of Guests at CNBC).

Happy listening!

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