Maritime data solution captures 20% more global terrestrial data

Maritime use cases:

We are excited to offer Maritime 2.0 to the maritime community. This new solution offers superior data quality, fewer duplicate MMSIs, and many other features.

Big events in life are often marked with a name change. Spire Maritime is growing in size, celebrating an IPO, and delivering next-generation solutions to build better businesses and solve some of our planet’s toughest challenges. We’re so excited about the changes and improvements to one of our flagship products, that we felt a new name was needed. Here’s why:

Names are important. They help us connect to the past, anchor us to an identity, and give us a sense of belonging to a community. At Spire Maritime, we focus on customer needs and solving industry challenges through innovative solutions using our global, comprehensive data. We take pride in what we do and we’re always striving to deliver the “next big thing” to the market. Our development team, engineering team, and salespeople are excited to announce a number of changes to our flagship solution Vessels API. So many changes in fact, that we felt a new name was needed.

Meet Maritime 2.0

Maritime 2.0 offers a number of new customer features/benefits that extend beyond what our Vessels API solution aimed to achieve. Maritime 2.0 integrates easily with outside platforms, offers enhanced coverage and better quality and performance while incorporating the latest technology innovations. The entire architecture and underlying data structure have been changed and the results are impressive.

We’re cleaning up duplicate MMSIs and IMOs

“It’s the most requested new enhancement”

Olga Kadeshnikova
Spire Maritime Customer Success Manager.

Spire Maritime 2.0 introduces a logic that will clean up duplicate MMSIs and IMOs. With this new logic, we are able to identify which is the correct vessel track and remove the duplicates.

In the graph below, you can see a single MMSI being tracked. The image shows the duplicate MMSI and then how we have cleaned up the duplicates in Maritime 2.0 to show elegant single lines of MMSI.


Maritime 2.0 delivers:

  • New algorithms to improve the accuracy of vessel identification with logic to clean up duplicate MMSIs
  • 20% increase in global terrestrial data
  • GraphQL flexibility

“We’re looking to solve problems for our customers before they become problems. It’s that simple. We want to deliver the best quality data in the best possible way.”

Ajay Singh
Product Management Lead at Spire Maritime

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Our near-term roadmap includes more upgrades

Historical position queries (up to 30 days), better ETA prediction, and other features will be added in the coming months. Watch this space for updates and as always, feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

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