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With a specialty in developing unique, custom communication concepts integrating client data, software development, and a focus on customer service, is a great partner in the maritime industry.

Bringing AI and brands into focus

“ specialises in artificial intelligence and marketing for the maritime sector. We develop customised solutions to realise the full potential of our client’s data, and with that, offer a range of marketing solutions to present their product and their brand in the best way possible. Our focus here is to give our work a very personal and extraordinary expression. specialises in detailed work to drive digital visions and help clients successfully implement digital transformation in style. Our marketing puts the product in focus and creates an unmistakable recognition value. However, we also offer both solutions (maritime software development and maritime marketing solutions) independently; ideally, they go hand in hand.”

It’s all in the family

“ is a family business that has a hands-on approach to advising clients on digital change and helps them transform their visions into a forward-looking reality. Here, everything comes from a single source: guides the change step-by-step within a company, and not only takes care of internal and external communications, but also provides the individual software solution in conception and implementation.

“Digital change is not always an easy undertaking. Traditional companies and hyper niches like to move in the space they are familiar with and follow the motto ‘Everything can stay the way it is’. But in the end, digital transformation is indispensable to stay up to date. We know about the difficulties and the need for communication that such a change brings with it. And because everything comes from one source, we can identify and respond to needs without wasting resources. Our services range from digital consulting such as the optimisation of online presences to the development and implementation of complex software solutions.”

A team built on passion and trust

“The fact that product development and communications are not only served under one roof but within family structures and work so closely together, gives the product a special touch. We have a strong sense for each other, which greatly strengthens our cooperation. We also trust each other blindly, which has a very positive influence on individual processes. We work at eye level, full of respect, and always with the utmost passion. We are among the lucky people who can say that their work is also their hobby. As a result, there are almost no limits to what we can do.”

Photo of’s Rose Jakobs (L), Spire’s Mikail Laukens (Center), and Aliana Jakobs (R)

Photo of’s Rose Jakobs (L), Spire’s Mikail Laukens (Center), and Aliana Jakobs (R)

Our customers motivate us

“We are executing Seabo, a chartering platform. We are developing software that aims to bring together and digitalise complex processes that were previously often manual and subject to a wide variety of documentation methods. Here, a single tool becomes the complete working environment for the entire chartering team: from understanding circulars to analysing huge amounts of data for distance calculations, voyage planning and forecasting.

It is a very interesting, motivating, and challenging project in every aspect. It gives us the opportunity to work with very unique people and get to know a lot of new people within the industry. We love shipping. And we love its hyperniches.”

Seabo chartering platform dashboard

Creating something memorable

“Our work is our passion and we want to create something memorable.

We are a small team, but very efficient. We feel our creativeness adds something new.”

Aliana JakobsAliana Jakobs
Marketing Director,

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