Maritime Innovator: SHIPNEXT

Our customers constantly amaze us with their innovative approach to industry solutions and out-of-the-box ideas to build a better planet.

This month’s Innovative Customer Spotlight is on SHIPNEXT, a leading digital shipping marketplace that aims to make the shipping industry more efficient and streamlined.

Alexander and his team, driven by their passion for the transportation industry and a desire to innovate, have developed a platform that effectively addresses the most pressing challenges faced by shipping brokers, companies, carriers, and traders.



The journey to SHIPNEXT

Alexander has always had a deep connection to the shipping industry. He comes from a family with a long history in transportation, and he saw the need for a faster, better, and more efficient solution to carry cargo worldwide. In 2016, he founded SHIPNEXT, with the mission to revolutionize the shipping industry by using cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of matching cargo with ships.

SHIPNEXT has patented the process of processing e-mails and shipping data with the aim of building a digital shipping marketplace that saves time and increases efficiency for all parties involved. Today, the company is the main freight-matching platform covering dry-bulk, wet-bulk, breakbulk, oversized, and containerized cargo.


Spire’s collaboration

By leveraging satellite and AIS data from Spire Maritime, Shipnext gained real-time insights into fleet operations and recognized the importance of a wider range of data. The collaboration between Shipnext and Spire has resulted in real-time visibility around ports, including congestion management solutions, and a single fleet database to eliminate misinformation. Additionally, the partnership is promoting Emission Indexes for a sustainable industry.

Shipnext’s early adoption of Spire Maritime’s AIS data has put them ahead of the competition, and Spire’s willingness to collaborate and interoperate has been a key factor in their long-term success in the transportation industry.

Why customers choose SHIPNEXT

SHIPNEXT’s customers choose to work with the company because of its innovative approach to solving the problems faced by the shipping industry. The platform is faster, better, and more efficient than traditional methods, and it has helped large and small freight-brokering companies revolutionize their work. The company’s culture is built on the principle of anti-fragility, which helps to extend the borders and transform the industry.

A customer story: The benefit and value

One of the most significant achievements of SHIPNEXT was working with a large freight-brokering company. The company was struggling with the manual process of matching cargo with ships, and it was taking a lot of time and effort. By using SHIPNEXT’s platform, the company was able to streamline its processes, saving time and increasing efficiency. The results were better than expected, and the company was able to provide a more efficient service to its customers, which led to an increase in business.



The culture of innovation at SHIPNEXT

SHIPNEXT’s company culture inspires the team to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the shipping industry. The company’s slogan, “Making shipping more efficient,” drives the team to find new and innovative ways to streamline the process of matching cargo with ships. The company is proud of its past six years, which have been described as “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” The persistence, courage, and vision of the team have helped SHIPNEXT reach its goals and make a significant impact in the shipping industry.

In conclusion, SHIPNEXT is revolutionizing the shipping industry with its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to solving the problems faced by the industry. With its patented process of processing e-mails and shipping data, the company is providing a faster, better, and more efficient solution for matching cargo with ships. The company’s culture of innovation and its drive to make shipping more efficient have helped SHIPNEXT make a significant impact in the industry and achieve better than expected results for its customers.

Alexander Varvarenko
Alexander Varvarenko


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