Maritime Innovator: Teqplay

Our customers constantly amaze us with their innovative approach to industry solutions and out-of-the-box ideas to build a better planet.

This month’s Innovative Customer Spotlight is on Teqplay. Teqplay is a company that developed a technology stack that gives insights on arrival time and location, as well as focused information to enable smarter, better-informed decision-making for maritime operations. Let’s take a look at how Teqplay is translating publicly available information on moving vessels around the globe into business stories or business logic that enables their clients to ask questions in the language of their operation.

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The company was founded by Léon Gommans in 2015, who saw an opportunity to optimize and make the maritime industry more efficient and sustainable.

Teqplay stands out from its competitors by its deep and detailed understanding of the global port call process and maritime supply chain, including the data. Teqplay addresses the “shared” challenges in the industry and provides solutions and building blocks that directly bring value to the individual stakeholder and aligns with the bigger goals and challenges in maritime on digitization and collaboration.

Teqplay Port Reporter - better insights. Less waste

Teqplay: better insights, less waste

Visibility and predictability are crucial elements in port calling and form the foundation for effective port call optimization. Together, visibility and predictability provide a clear and accurate picture of the current and future state of the port, which is essential for effective decision-making and continuous improvement.

Visibility and predictability also play a key role in reducing costs associated with port calls by reducing delays and congestion, improving operational efficiency, and reducing the need for unnecessary or redundant infrastructure.

Teqplay collaboration: an example LNG bunkering

One of the successful projects that Teqplay led is a solution for LNG bunkering, a process of providing liquefied natural gas fuels to ships. The delivery of LNG was a green-field and Teqplay designed an end-to-end process for LNG bunkering. The solution covers everything from the procurement stage to scheduling and planning, including the delivery of the LNG bunkering for both bunker and receiving vessel.

The solution is now being used worldwide for LNG bunkering by Shell and the DNV platform and marketplace Fuelboss.

Innovation is at the heart; making it work brings the value

Innovation is a key part of Teqplay’s company culture, and it helps in creating awareness on value and ways to make it work. Teqplay is indulgent in finding innovative ways to create value for the customer challenges effectively.

Teqplay organizes internal hackathons to find new ways to address industry challenges and uses interactive and dynamic workshops to analyze the need of end users. Collaboration with the industry is an important aspect in creating these solutions.

The data from Spire helps to make it real-time and contextualize it to create impressive and deep insights that help advance the maritime industry.

“What I’m really proud of is that the technology is actually working, it’s being used within the industry, and is helping to contribute to a more efficient and more sustainable maritime industry.”

Léon GommansLéon Gommans
Teqplay CEO / Co Founder

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