Spire High-Resolution Forecast expands to provide unmatched US coverage

Spire High-Resolution Forecast extends 3 km, hourly outputs to six days, offering traders and key industries unparalleled accuracy and detail. Available today for the US!

As the demand for precise and accurate weather forecasting grows, particularly in sectors like energy trading and utility management, the need for advanced weather prediction tools has never been greater. That’s why we are announcing the expansion of our High-Resolution Forecast solution, now offering 3-km resolution forecasts for the entire continental United States (CONUS) with hourly outputs extending up to six days. This upgraded service, powered by Spire’s advanced data assimilation system and proprietary satellite-based radio occultation (RO) data, delivers unprecedented accuracy and detail, addressing the critical need for medium-range convective-scale forecasts.

“At Spire, we are committed to advancing weather forecasting to meet the growing needs of industries that depend on precise and accurate data,” said Dr. Tom Gowan, Lead of Weather Prediction and AI at Spire. “Expanding our High-Resolution Forecast platform for the entire continental United States is a significant milestone. This enhancement delivers unprecedented accuracy and detail out to six days, empowering our users to anticipate and prepare for extreme weather events with ample time.”

This significant enhancement sets a new industry standard, providing detailed forecasts that are essential for predicting extreme weather events such as severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, localized flash flooding, and more. Additionally, forecasts of wind and solar radiation support renewable energy production. Available via API or Spire’s DeepInsights visualization system, our high-resolution forecasts empower meteorologists, energy traders, utility managers, and more with the insights needed to make informed decisions, optimize resource management, and enhance safety protocols.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast solution?

Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast solution leverages our proprietary satellite-derived radio occultation (RO) technology, ocean winds, and soil moisture data, and advanced data assimilation techniques to deliver highly accurate weather predictions. These forecasts provide hourly predictions up to six days in advance.

What makes Spire’s weather forecasts unique?

Spire’s forecasts integrate data from our fully deployed constellation and reputable sources such as NOAA, EUMETSAT, and ECMWF. This comprehensive data collection and advanced assimilation result in precise and differentiated weather insights, which are crucial for informed decision-making.

What evidence supports the accuracy of Spire’s forecasts?

Verification data shows that Spire’s forecasts outperform the world’s most accurate medium-range model, the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS), in predicting moderate and intense precipitation and wind events. This proven accuracy underlines the reliability of Spire’s weather insights.

Who can benefit from Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast?

The forecasts are particularly beneficial for energy and commodity traders, utility and grid operators, helping them anticipate market trends and manage risks. The fine detail and extended forecasts are also useful for maritime and logistics companies, energy companies, and any industry that weather impacts operations.

What geographic areas are covered by Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast?

Currently, the forecasts cover the continental United States (CONUS) and Europe, with a resolution of 3 km and lead time of six days. The service can also be customized for any geographic area and resolution up to 1 km.

How can I access Spire’s weather data?

The data is accessible via API or Spire’s custom DeepInsights display system. This allows users to easily ingest and visualize weather data according to their specific needs.

Does Spire offer expert support and other tools to help customers utilize the weather forecasts

Spire offers 24/7 access to its DeepVision Weather Support team, ensuring that users of any Spire Weather & Climate product have access to expert guidance and real-time insights whenever needed.

How does Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast solution improve decision-making?

By providing accurate and detailed weather forecasts, Spire enables better planning, risk mitigation, and resource allocation. This leads to improved outcomes and profitability for businesses affected by weather conditions.

What industries rely on Spire’s weather forecasts?

Industries such as energy trading, commodity markets, utilities, maritime and logistics, and many others depend on Spire’s forecasts to optimize strategies, mitigate risks, and maximize profits.

Why is Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast solution a significant advancement?

Our forecast system provides high-resolution forecasts hourly, out to six days, a capability exclusive to Spire. This extended lead time allows for proactive planning, more effective decision-making in weather-sensitive industries, and smarter trading decisions.

How can I get a demo of Spire’s High-Resolution Forecast?

You can request a demo of Spire’s weather forecast solution to see how it can be tailored to your specific needs and improve your decision-making processes.

What is the competitive advantage of using Spire’s weather forecasts?

Spire High-Resolution Forecast, enhanced by proprietary data and advanced assimilation techniques, offers greater accuracy and detail than other medium range forecast systems. This precision helps businesses navigate market volatility and weather-related risks more effectively.

Who can I contact for more information or to get a quote?

For more information or to get a quote, contact Spire’s solution experts here.

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