Aircraft tracking data and integration for versatile Cloud ERP solutions

myairops is a leading provider of cloud-native applications and services for the aviation market with a global customer base.

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myairops, a global player in the SaaS airops market, provides a comprehensive suite of products that reduce the complexities of managing continuing airworthiness, FBO operations, flight operations, and aircraft management by simplifying them into logical set of workflows using real-time data.

Integration is key to the myairops success, as technology and solutions are fused with data from Spire Aviation, to provide advanced decision-making capabilities and perform operations that are not possible without taking high quality near real-time data.


myairops flight is a cloud-native ERP solution for operators across the entirety of the industry, for example, corporate flight departments, managed fleet operators, charter brokers or special mission providers.

In addition to providing all the tools and services that an operator or broker would need, the system drives efficiency through process automation.



Process automation is achieved by building an accurate picture of the operational context including position, weather, crewing, customer requirements, financial data, maintenance and supplier status changes. If anything changes, the system can adapt to take automated actions and alert system users.

“We wanted to find a partner that understood the importance of not only the data but the mechanism of how that data is consumed.”

Tim Ford
President and Managing Director, myairops

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Operators, owners and consumers all require the latest information. Thus accuracy is paramount when it impacts automation, operational planning, service delivery monitoring and billing.

Since much of the information in the aviation industry is still captured in paper-based records, there is recognition the industry needs to move to digital-based insights. Furthermore, streamlining the actions of both operations staff and flight crews is vital.

myairops lightens the load by focusing on automation as well as the process of data validation rather than data delivery. Knowing where an aircraft is at any instant and also using position, and time based post-flight data is essential.


Spire Aviation data was selected to provide accurate aircraft ADS-B position information that could be easily consumed by the myairops flight product. The unique combination of satellite and terrestrial based tracking provides continuous global coverage. myairops will be announcing further enhancements utilising Spire Aviation weather data later this year.

Positional Information

The positional information, in addition to the speed and heading data provided by the Spire data feed, in combination with myairops aircraft performance information provides the following solutions to our customers:


Spire Aviation air traffic data for ERP solutions from myairops


The unique combination of satellite and terrestrial based aircraft tracking provides continuous global coverage to power the versatile cloud-native ERP solution from myairops.

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