How a new partnership in space is helping to revolutionize wildfire detection and monitoring

As climate change increases the risk and intensity of wildfires around the world, OroraTech and Spire are teaming up on our best defense strategy—satellite monitoring.

OroraTech, a satellite wildfire monitoring start-up based in Germany, has created the global wildfire intelligence service and is planning to develop their own constellation of proprietary nanosatellites and thermal infrared cameras with a mission to speed up detection times using data from space.

Spire’s 6U nanosatellite launched in January 2022 carries OroraTech’s first payload, a thermal infrared camera and data processing unit ideal for identifying high-temperature events such as wildfires.

We are very happy to work with Spire as they are helping us to speed up time to market solving the crucial wildfire problem and offering high-resolution thermal infrared data for many other use-cases.

Thomas Grübler
Co-founder & CEO | OroraTech

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A need for speed

The growing threat of wildfires across the world, fueled by climate change, necessitates an informed collaboration across international, national, and local responders.

Real-time monitoring and early detection systems would allow authorities to shorten wildfire response time, swiftly rolling out evacuation plans and providing firefighters with the right support. It would also help the forest sector to identify areas of future risk, and patrol those more proactively. However, this rapid response requires data from remote areas—the kind that can only be gathered from space.

Solution—launching OroraTech’s innovative technology into space

Success of this mission allows OroraTech to demonstrate their new technology using a reliable nanosatellite platform and marks an important step in OroraTech’s journey to build and scale their own constellation of nanosatellites, unlocking the potential of their thermal infrared cameras and data processing units.

Spire LEMUR 6U satellite with the OroraTech

Spire LEMUR 6U satellite with the OroraTech
FOREST-1 payload

FOREST (Forest Observation and Recognition Experimental Smallsat Thermal Detector) will detect mid-wave and long-wave infrared radiation, ideal for identifying the high-temperatures associated with, and contributing to, wildfires.

Download the case study to read more about how this partnership can help prevent wildfire damage around the globe.

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