Geospatial Web Services

The world’s shipping is now at your fingertips with real-time and historical vessel information data on-demand

Spire offers a Geospatial Web Services™ (GWS) solution that enables instant access to live and historical vessel data, in an on-demand environment following OGC standards.

Get started with Geospatial Web Services

Spire Global satellite constellation still

Using GW and AIS data you can:

  • Access global vessel information on-demand, receiving what you want, when you need it
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing geospatial platforms and applications
  • Create custom data views of maritime activities using simple filters
  • Look back and analyze historical vessel information

Customise data to your preferences with Geospatial Web Services (GWS)


OGC compliant delivery of maritime vessel information, derived from the latest AIS messages


Ability to seamlessly integrate AIS with existing geospatial platforms with little to no time or effort


Removes the complexity of processing AIS messages on the customer side


GWS provides you with the ability to create custom data views using filters


No need to store and manage AIS databases – we ‘host’ the data and serve it on-demand


Get what you want, when you want it – and pay only for what you actually get