Spire Global expands global footprint with new US office in Washington D.C.

Space to Cloud Analytics Company Announces New Office to Grow Federal Team

WASHINGTON, Nov. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spire Global, Inc. today announced that the Washington D.C. metro area will become a vital hub for the space-to-cloud analytics company. The new office represents the third U.S. office for the company and the sixth presence worldwide. The company is joining with state and local government officials working to make Washington a major center for innovation in commercial aerospace.

“We have entered into contracts with the Air Force, NOAA, NASA, ESA and other key players in the weather, maritime, and aviation sectors to evaluate our data.” said Keith E. Johnson, VP and General Manager, Spire Global, Federal, and Government Solutions. “We’re now providing every key Federal organization with a more robust data set at unprecedented revisit rates and see Spire’s radio occultation data collection in particular as a new commercial data opportunity for the U.S. Government. With the establishment of our Washington, D.C. office, our goal is to further demonstrate to our Federal customers the proven expertise that has made Spire an industry-standard in the space data industry.”

The new office will join an already thriving community in Tysons Corner and represents Spire’s commitment to the beltway’s growing base of industry experts in new space. Spire CEO Peter Platzer was onsite last week to affirm the company’s commitment to Spire’s Federal business. Mr. Platzer was recently selected as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2019 by Goldman Sachs.

“Spire’s rapid growth is being fueled by the increasing global need for more satellite-based earth-observation data. Our expertise in RF signal detection and analysis lends itself particularly well to security, safety and efficiency applications in the maritime and aviation field. Additionally, we are seeing a rapidly rising demand for the operational provision of our advanced weather prediction capabilities to governments, corporations, and individuals to better manade, maybe even take advantage of, ever more extreme and frequent weather events. With each new office, we grow Spire’s ability to contribute our substantial space capabilities and sophisticated analytics to this societal need,” said Mr. Platzer.

Spire has become an industry-standard in the commercial aerospace sector and owns and operates one of the world’s largest private constellations of RF focused satellites and an extensive ground station network. The company has launched several new strategic partnerships this year with NASA, ESA, Amazon and key global players in the weather, maritime, and aviation sectors. The new D.C. office will now serve as a key hub for developing Spire’s enterprise products supporting government partnerships and needs.

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Spire Global Inc. is a space-to-cloud analytics company that utilizes proprietary satellite data and algorithms to provide the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking in the world. Spire’s data analytics is backed by a wholly owned and developed constellation of nanosatellites, global ground station network, and 24/7 operations that provide real-time global coverage of every point on Earth. To learn more, visit www.spire.com.

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